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France: ex-bodyguard of Macron in custody – politics

  • The former bodyguard of France's President Macron has been remanded in custody.
  • Alexandre Benalla had beaten a demonstrator at a rally and wore a police helmet, even though he was not a police officer.
  • Now he should have violated conditions imposed by the judiciary.

Alexandre Benalla, the former bodyguard of French President Emmanuel Macron, is in custody. Benalla is said to have violated conditions imposed by the judiciary, his lawyer Jacqueline Laffont said. She announced that she would appeal the decision. Benalla and a friend had previously been interviewed by investigating magistrates.

In street protests on May 1 in Paris, Benalla violently attacked a demonstrator last year. A video shows him banging on an apparently unarmed man and knocking him down. Benalla wore a police helmet, although he was not a police officer.

Investigations are therefore being carried out against him for the use of force and for the unauthorized wearing of badges. He is also accused of having illegally used his diplomatic passports on trips nearly 20 times after his release in July.

After various media had reported on the incident, he had to leave the presidential office. Macron was also under pressure because Benalla was initially only in the administration and later released. The opposition accuses the president of covering Benalla for a long time and of maintaining contacts with him even after his expulsion. The French Senate intends to present a report by the Inquiry to Benalla on Wednesday.

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Ready for the clinic

Policemen are needed in times of terror and violence almost everywhere in France – and yet often despised. About people who despair of their job.By Nadia Pantel



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