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France has an incredible Health Pass!

by archyw

M6 announced it. No spectators and unvaccinated artists in his shows. “France has an incredible Health Pass! Nagui also warns. No boogie-woogie before going through a vaccination center. “Don’t forget the lyrics (and the Health Pass!)”. Candidates, musicians, production teams, extras and animators will not be able to enter the studio without having first shown a white footing. And viewers lose nothing by waiting! There have been reports of virus transmission via flat panel display pixels here and there. Viewing three meters from the devices is strongly recommended. With mask and clothespin on the nose.

For the moment, the company Fremantle, producer of France has an incredible talent and Love is in the meadow holds the rope of the overbidding with this declaration of the director of the programs: “The jury, host Karine Le Marchand and the artists will also have to do a regular PCR test, even if they are vaccinated” Who says better ?

Nagui could retaliate by requiring a complete medical examination of the candidate WHILE performing his song. An emergency x-ray for the reckless person who would venture to sing “I’m sick” without a PCR test.

A jury of emergency workers on M6, Don’t forget the live lyrics from La Salpêtrière, French television is not immune to a health battle between the back-to-school entertainment programs. A third injection for Ruquier, a fourth for Julien Courbet. On my right a fifth for Sophie Davant! Médiamétrie, which became Vaccinometry, would then measure the performance of the facilitators in front of the syringe. CNews offside with only a Doliprane ingested by Christine Kelly. The shame of the PAF.

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In addition to these elementary precautions, Emmanuel Macron, touched by the grace of the grotto of Lourdes, would have decided to move only aboard a popemobile. Cut off from any risk of contamination by the vehicle window, the president will offer “at the same time” the image of a holy man.

The blessing by Olivier Véran of the cameras and microphones of France Télévisions should take place towards the end of August. As a sign of allegiance to the religion of the moment, the faithful Nagui reflects on a version of Remember the lyrics based on Emmanuel Macron’s last speech. The bad subjects will be delivered to the tigers of Fort Boyard. The start of the school year will be tough.

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