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France has an incredible talent: Marianne James in tears in front of a tribute to Maurane

VIDEO – When a female acrobat performed her choreography on a song of the artist who died last May, the new juror of the show could not hide her emotion.
Marianne James had warned us: she cried a lot on the set of La France has an incredible talent. The former animator of Prodige did not lie to us. From the first episode aired Tuesday night on M6 moreover. When a flutter performed her act on Maurane's song, On the prelude of Bach, the new juror of the contest could not restrain her tears. Helene Segara, sitting beside her, seemed just as moved.
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"My tears were for Maurane, Marianne commented at the end of the performance of the young Macha. I did not expect to hear Bach's Prelude at all. It's touchy for us, Helene and me, it's wow … Maurane you're up there and Macha is surrounded by that velvety voice … ", she added. Hélène Segara also spoke about the Belgian singer who died on May 8 at the age of 57. "She's a 20-year-old friend and I think she would have loved this issue, you paid a very nice tribute to her," she concluded. When the young girl went backstage, Marianne James still looked upset. "With the voice of Maurane … It picked me," she commented.
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Beyond the tribute to Maurane, the performance of Macha convinced all members of the jury of the show hosted by David Ginola. "It's been a long time since I had seen a circus act that was so well thought out," said Éric Antoine. "It was perfect, excellent," added Sugar Sammy, the band's new kid. The young woman continues the adventure. Viewers will find it in the semifinals.



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