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France in a group of four countries to evaluate glyphosate

Glyphosate – Allili / SIPA

France, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden were designated by the European Union on Monday as the member countries responsible for a first evaluation of the controversial herbicide
glyphosate, in view of a future application for re-authorization in the Union, was learned Monday from the
European Commission.

"The member states voted unanimously to create a group of rapporteur member states, a decision that will be formally adopted in the coming weeks," said Anca Paduraru, spokeswoman for the European Commission.

A long controversy

This decision was taken on Monday at a technical committee on plant protection products by the 28 experts representing the Member States, on a proposal from the Commission. In December 2017, the EU executive renewed the glyphosate license in the European Union for five years, after a controversy of more than two years.

Its authorization runs until December 15, 2022 and companies wishing to continue beyond this date must file a renewal application three years before the deadline, ie by the end of the year.

In anticipation of such a request, the Commission was looking for a Member State to be rapporteur of the dossier. But, according to the explanations on the Commission's website devoted to the controversial substance, "in the case of glyphosate, because of the anticipated importance of the application file and the resulting high burden, no Member State has is volunteered to become a rapporteur member state or (…) co-rapporteur ".


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