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France: income tax city by city

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Among the large French metropolises, only Paris enters the top 15 of the cities where we pay the most taxes. 71% of tax households are taxable there. Large cities are mainly those where the amount of tax on the income of taxpayers is the highest.

The West of Paris: headquarters of the cities where the most income tax is paid

In the first rank of French cities of more than 50,000 inhabitants which have the highest rate of tax households imposed, we find Neuilly-sur-Seine. This is what theInsee based on 2015 statistics, the most recent on this subject. In Neuilly-sur-Seine, 79% of households are subject to income tax. It must be said that the median standard of living of this neighboring town of Paris has reached records: 43,350 euros.

And in this department of Hauts-de-Seine, we can notice similar imposed household rates. Levallois-Perret arrives at 76% and Boulogne-Billancourt at 77%. The DGFiP (Directorate General of Public Finances) also observed on the basis of the income of the French in 2007 that Boulogne-Billancourt peaked in this classification, with an average income tax per fiscal household of 5,200 euros. Here, the tax bracket of 48,751 euros to 97,500 euros is the busiest, with 9,627 households for 650 million euros in tax revenue.

To find tax household rates above 70%, it suffices to stay within this perimeter of western Paris. Rueil-Malmaison, Clamart, Antony, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Courbevoie are all communes of Hauts-de-Seine. In the Yvelines, Versailles is also one of the cities where we pay the most income tax. A department which also counts Sartrouville, a city which posts a rate of 67%. A few municipalities in the classification come from Val-de-Marne, such as Saint-Maur-des-Fossés or Maisons-Alfort.

Other big cities where you pay the most income tax

Outside Île-de-France, other cities are also included in the ranking. In Toulouse, 55% of households pay income tax. They are 56% in Grenoble, 57% in Nantes, 59% in Dijon, 61% in Annecy and 62% in Lyon.

Note also that some cities in the south of France are part of this list: Aix-en-Provence, Antibes, Hyères, Grasse and Ajaccio exceed this rate of 55%. Very close with a rate of 53%, Nice and Cannes remain cities which have a majority of tax homes.

In Bordeaux, this rate reaches 56%, but it is especially two of the cities of its agglomeration which approach the top of the ranking. Mérignac and Pessac, with 62%, are in the Top-20.

In addition to this study, we see that the cities in this ranking are also those that can be found at the top of the ranking of cities where real estate prices are the highest.

The cities where we pay the least income tax, scattered throughout the territory

In the south of France, two towns are among those where income tax is paid the least. In Béziers, the town headed by Robert Ménard, only 37% of households pay income tax. The second is Perpignan, biggest take of the National Rally in the municipal elections of 2020. Perpignan is the largest city in France to have such a low tax participation rate of 41%. To understand, of the 120,000 inhabitants of the city, only 48,000 are affected by income tax. 72,000 Perpignanais are therefore not taxable.

In contrast to France, three cities in northern France have even lower rates. In Tourcoing and Calais, households subject to IR are only 39% and 38% respectively. And in Roubaix, a lower proportion of inhabitants pay it, since only 29% of the nearly 100,000 Roubaix pay income tax.

If we have seen that to the west and south of Paris appear the richest cities, the northern suburbs have several cities which appear at the bottom of the ranking. There are Sarcelles in the Val-d’Oise and other large communes of Seine-Saint-Denis, like Bobigny, Saint-Denis and Aubervilliers, in which less than one in four inhabitant is liable for the ‘income tax.

Finally, to find the cities where you pay the least IR, head for the French overseas departments and territories. In Fort-de-France in Martinique, the rate is 38%. And in the Top-8, five towns on Reunion Island: Saint-Paul, Saint-Pierre, Le Tampon, Saint-André and Saint-Louis. This representation shows the increasing insecurity of Reunion Island noted by the Abbé Pierre Foundation. It is the city of Saint-Louis which is the least affected in France by the tax, with 21% of taxable inhabitants.

(By the editorial staff of the agency hREF)

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