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France Inter caracole tops audiences

In the first quarter of 2019, France Inter is full. The general radio of Radio France, which had been following Mediametrie for several "waves" its rival RTL (M6 group, whose main shareholder is German Bertelsmann), finally dethrone it. Boosted by its "morning", animated since the start by Nicolas Demorand and Léa Salamé (replaced during the European campaign by Alexandra Bensaïd) and at the top of hearings slices of information in the morning for five years, France Inter wins 0.4% between January and March 2019, while RTL lost 0.9%.

27.6% of cumulative audience for the six stations of Radio France

Headed since 2014 by Laurence Bloch, the public station is now listened to by 6.3 million listeners (+ 211,000 over one year), and records a historic cumulative audience of 11.7%. Radio is leading all the news segments (morning, noon and evening), as well as in digital audience, with 1.2 million daily listeners on its online media (Médiamétrie Global, September-October 2018) .

Sandrine Treiner: "France Culture touches a younger and active audience"

With nearly 15 million listeners, the six stations of Radio France have a combined audience of 27.6%. France Culture recorded the strongest growth (at 2.8%, + 2% over one quarter), with 1.5 million listeners each day, 335,000 more (28%) than a year ago. France Info achieves "its best score in seven years" (8.6%). And France Musique is getting closer to a million listeners (at 1.8%, + 0.2% over one year), closing the gap with Radio Classique (at 2%, + 4%).

Laurent Guimier wants to "redo" Europe 1

These happy are unfortunate, starting with Europe 1 (5.9%), which loses almost one point (0.9%). Enough to fuel the concerns of employees on the future of the Lagardère group's radio, led by Laurent Guimier, whose strategy deployed on new forms of audio listening is starting to bear fruit (+ 7% of digital audience on a year).



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