France is talking to Switzerland again

According to the ambassador, these include the project of the European Political Community – ie an institutionalized European exchange with non-EU countries – as well as specific border region problems. France’s border region with Switzerland is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers because of the higher wages in this country, Journès said in an interview published on Wednesday. The health sector is affected.

A commission for joint health cooperation will be established on December 15. “We have to think about the training of specialists and the care of patients on both sides of the border,” says Journès. Depending on the strength of the Swiss franc, a nurse could translate into euros to earn a director’s salary in France. “We’re not able to get that salary level through subsidies, so we have to think of something else, and it’s best done together.”

Get cross-border system

France does not want to herald the end of the free movement of people: “One could argue that France can use certain dialysis capacities or pediatric infrastructures in Switzerland. Conversely, on our side of the border there are wonderful facilities and capacities that could be of interest to Swiss patients and less cost,” said the ambassador. The cross-border system should generally be maintained and further developed.

Journès signaled no concessions regarding Swiss access to the European research agreement Horizon: This is part of the “other” problems in the Switzerland-EU dossier and cannot be separated from it.