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France-Norway: the notes of the Blue

Against Norway this Wednesday evening, Corinne Deacon has returned to the classic by lining up his team-type, with Gauvin in tip and Diani on the right side.

Bouhaddi, 6.5. Apart from a small alert early on a pass away from Mbock (9th), the goalkeeper was very reassuring in his aerial interventions. Can not do anything about the equalization (54th).

Torrent, 3. Constantly overwhelmed, the left side had a nightmare. She lets Herlovsen slip in his back on the equalizer. The penalty given to him saves only appearances (72nd).

Mbock, 5. After a delicate start to the match, just like her complicated back pass for her goalkeeper (9th), the central defender was the strongest of the tricolor rearguard.

Fox, 3.5. Double scorer of the head against South Korea, the central defender has shown an unusual lack of serenity and materialized by its huge mistake. Instead of clearing a corner, she pushes the ball into her own goal and allows Norway to equalize.

Majri, 5. In difficulty defensively and sometimes fleet on the marking, the left side still pushed the ball on his line (15th). More offensive after the break, she offers the opener to Gauvin on a plateau (46th).

Bussaglia, 5. The defensive midfielder alternated the good and the bad, and sometimes narrowly missed in his raises.

Henry, 5.5. Despite a big activity in midfield, the captain did not have his usual influence in the game.

Diani, 6.5. Finding his right lane did him the greatest good. Intense with its accelerations, its dribbles and its centers, the Parisienne was a poison for the Scandinavian defense in the first act. More erased after the break.

Thiney, 6. Accurate on set pieces, the leader spared no effort to try to distribute the game. She could have opened the score if it had not been resumed at the last moment (36th). Replaced by Bilbault (82nd).

The Sommer, 5.5. Very agitating at the beginning of the match, the attacker did not always make the right choices. But she did not shiver to score her 76th goal in blue on penalty (72). Avertie (56th).

Gauvin, 5.5. Often caught in the grip of the rough Norwegian defense, the advanced attacker missed out on his first period. But she did not let herself be gouged by doubt to open the mark at close range just after the restart. Superseded by Cascarino (85th).

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