France Relance: the Parisian company Kardinal, winner

The recovery plan has been launched for a year now. Over time, the list of companies and associations that have benefited from state aid has grown. These subsidies allow companies to continue to develop despite the constraints linked to the health crisis. One of the last Ile-de-France companies to have benefited from it is the Kardinal company, based in the eighth arrondissement of Paris.

This company, made up of 22 employees, including four PhDs in mathematics, develops mathematical programs intended to optimize delivery rounds. It then offers these algorithms and software to carriers, so that the latter reduce both the economic and ecological costs of their routes. Route optimization is aimed at many professional sectors. We find in particular road transport of goods, delivery of packages, transport of materials for the construction and construction trades, home delivery for e-commerce, waste collection, medical care and home visits. , cleaning operations, repair and maintenance of equipment, etc.

This year, Kardinal received two state aid. First of all, the loan guaranteed by the State (PGE), but also grants up to 100,000 euros, as part of the France Relance plan. Since September 2020, the company has been able to continue to develop, in particular by recruiting eight new people. For Jonathan Benoudiz, CEO of Kardinal, this financial support has accelerated the implementation of certain projects: “This aid has enabled us to see beyond the health crisis, to continue our development”, explains the manager.

Kardinal offers two optimization tools for businesses. First of all, the TAO (Territory Analytics Organization) software, which sectorises carriers according to the types of vehicles they use. This tool reduces the economic costs of tours as well as the number of vehicles used. It also helps to distribute the workload fairly among the employees.

These technological tools play a role in helping decision-making. For Raphael De Castilla, “technology should not replace humans but help them perform certain tasks. The company estimates that with its tool, the fleet of companies is reduced by 15 to 20% to do the same work as companies that do not use this tool.

The second tool offered is the ARO (Always on Route Optimization) software. It helps to reduce tour time and journeys. This saving of time therefore also makes it possible to reduce team stress and avoid traffic jams. Activity can be monitored in real time and teams retain full control over their work. To work, the algorithm takes into account the road traffic. Thanks to a large stock of data, the program can analyze road traffic over several years and thus propose the most suitable schedule and route for the transporter. Real-time tracking is also available. The company supports carriers throughout the tour process, from purchase to delivery.

These two algorithms make it possible to reduce the time spent on the road during tours and also the number of vehicles used. Directly, the carbon footprint of the companies that use them is greatly reduced. It is for these reasons that the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) supported this project and selected it so that it could benefit from the support of France Relance.

© DR / Jonathan Benoudiz, CEO of Kardinal and Raphael De Castilla, Director of Operations

For the first anniversary of the implementation of the recovery plan, the sub-prefect for the relaunch of Paris Myriam Abassi came to visit the premises to meet the employees of the company. She was accompanied by Jeanne d’Hautserre, mayor of the eighth arrondissement. Both were impressed with the accuracy and efficiency of the software presented. “I am very happy, for the first anniversary of the recovery plan, to discover a winner who largely carries the values ​​of the three pillars of the recovery plan. We are already starting to see the results of this plan a year after its implementation, ”explained Myriam Abassi.