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France Telecom trial: "I change my boss, I still prefer to die"

"My suicidal urges take me back." This is what Stéphanie Moison will write to her father before throwing herself, on September 11, 2009, on the 5th floor of the building where she worked. "I do not accept the new reorganization of the service. I change my boss and to have what I'm going to have, I still prefer to die. " The case of this employee of France Telecom was examined this Monday before the Paris Criminal Court. Since May 6, seven former executives of the company, including its former CEO Didier Lombard, appear for moral harassment.

Didier Lombard, Louis-Pierre Wènes, his ex-right-hand man and Olivier Barberot, former director of human resources, deny any relationship between Stéphanie Moison's situation and the Next (New Telecommunications Experience) and ACT (Anticipation of Skills for the Future) plans. transformation). Those same ones who aimed to get the departure of the company of 22 000 employees, as well as the mobility of 10 000 others.

Me Frederic Benoist, lawyer of parts civil, grants it to the defense, "Stephanie Moison was bipolar, she had made several stays in psychiatric hospital". A condition that can increase the suicidal risk in people with it. However, "we can not blame Stéphanie Moison for not having alerted about the health difficulties she was encountering". He is astonished: "There is strictly no particular follow-up". The lawyer regrets the lack of adaptation and prevention of the company to the illness of the employee: "We act with it as with everyone". A situation that brings this 32-year-old employee to disembowel "in front of her colleagues".

Project manager, he becomes "beginner engineer" again

"I remember like yesterday was this terrible day," says Olivier Barberot at the helm. His gaze overhangs his glasses just on the tip of his nose. To the civil parties, he concedes: the file does not include the mention of a specific accompaniment. But he regrets that the local director of human resources was not auditioned: "You ask the question, I do not have the answer, there is nothing in the file. "

An accompaniment that did not benefit Didier Martin, who commits suicide by hanging at home on October 15, 2009. Project leader, he becomes a "beginner engineer" in 2004, according to Frédéric Benoist. Between 2006 and 2009, he will try four times to find a position of responsibility. But his candidatures will not be retained. The lawyer speaks to Didier Lombard: "I know you love brilliant and demanding engineers." The former leader stands at the bar and admits, "I think we should have advised Mr. Martin to apply for other positions." Before saying that the day of the tragedy, he had gone there to meet the employees.

"A continuous suffering that leads to madness"

Two hours of meeting during which he will evoke the memory of the deceased and the difficulties of other employees. An appointment he had already honored following the suicide of Jean-Paul Rouanet, September 28, 2009. That day, employees call center Annecy (Haute-Savoie) "their situations "their own stories". "They were happy to have me on hand, it was very moving," remembers Didier Lombard.

In March 2009, France Telecom announced the closure of Annecy's sales administration department. Thirteen positions will be eliminated, including that of Jean-Paul Rouanet. This employee of "high quality" – in the words of Didier Lombard – chooses to join the call center, among other proposals for reclassification, to focus on family life. A job he will not support. "My love, I can not stand it any longer, my head explodes at any moment. Inwardly, it is a continuous suffering that leads to madness. I can not adapt to this new job, "he wrote to his wife before killing himself.

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