News France to propose to Europe to reduce chemicals

France to propose to Europe to reduce chemicals


Illustration of a baby. – michelmondadori / Pixabay

The National Agency for Health Security ANSES will offer Europe to reduce the number of chemicals present in baby diapers, she said on Wednesday.

This proposal will be formally tabled "in October 2020" and "aims to prohibit or limit the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), dioxins, furans, PCBs and formaldehyde" in the layers, the health agency said.

A potential risk "in the long term"

This announcement by ANSES comes a year after its report which had highlighted a potential risk "in the long term" linked to "exceeding health thresholds for a certain number of substances". In the wake of the report, the government asked companies in the sector to eventually remove certain substances from their diapers.

In September, after a milestone with industry, the repression of fraud (DGCCRF) had estimated that their commitments were "generally respected at this stage", given the findings made by its agents.

A "stakeholder consultation" until the end of March

Disposable diapers are subject in the EU to general regulations on consumer products and not to specific rules such as certain cosmetic products or protections for urinary leakage.

To motivate its proposal "within the framework of the European regulation of Reach chemicals", ANSES must prepare a dossier. Her goal: "Gather useful information, especially on the use of substances identified as of concern in childbirth," she said on Wednesday. This is why it has just opened a "stakeholder consultation", which will end at the end of March, in order to gather "essential information for carrying out the scientific evaluation in support of the dossier".


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