France – World | James Bond returns to save the world and his family

London – The latest installment of James Bond’s adventures, “Die Can Wait”, premiered Tuesday night in London, a vintage full of action and surprises where Daniel Craig ends in style his mission: to return the secret agent more human and fallible than ever.

Long-awaited, repeatedly postponed due to confinement, this 25th part of the adventures of 007 is due out on Thursday in the United Kingdom and on October 6 in France.

Daniel Craig is here for the last time in the costume of Her Majesty’s agent – and the name of his successor remains a mystery. The end of this film which does not hesitate to break certain codes of the franchise, one of the most profitable of the 7th art, leaves open the hypotheses as to the form that this succession can take.

In the meantime, the 53-year-old Briton was able to walk the red carpet on Tuesday evening before the London screening at the Royal Albert Hall, alongside the rest of the team: producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli and director Cary Joji Fukunaga ( “Beasts of No Nation”, “True Detective”) actors Rami Malek and Léa Seydoux, as well as singer Billie Eilish who performs the film’s official song, also titled “No Time to Die”. Princes Charles and William and their wives were also there.

– “Go see him !” –

“Relieved”, because the James Bond are “made for the cinema”, Daniel Craig assured on Sky News that he had “really no bad memories” of his 15 years in the skin of the secret agent. And launched in a fuchsia tuxedo jacket: “He’s coming out this week, go see him!”.


In the film, whose story is conceived as the epilogue of Daniel Craig’s five James Bonds, from Casino Royale 15 years ago, the character invented by writer Ian Fleming is pulled out of retirement to face his best enemies. : Blofeld, the SPECTER organization and especially the formidable Safin (Rémi Malek).

A tranquility interrupted when his old friend from the CIA, Felix Leiter, comes to ask him for help to save a scientist who has just been kidnapped.

Two women have central roles: the psychologist Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux, conquest of James Bond who comes back after “Specter”) whose character is revealed to be full of secrets and wounds.

And a new MI-6 recruit, Agent Nomi, played by Lashana Lynch who was officially named “007” after James Bond left the service. On the red carpet, the Briton considered “incredible” to have played this role, “the stars were aligned”.

His character, quickly sketched out, is a clever way for producers to respond to accusations of sexism. Barbara Broccoli felt that the character of James Bond himself should continue to be portrayed by a man.

In front of them, a mysterious enemy equipped with a high-tech genetic weapon, embodied by the American Rami Malek, Oscar for best actor in 2019 for his interpretation of singer Freddie Mercury. Without forgetting the other Frenchman of this James Bond, his henchman Primo, played by Dali Benssalah.

– Gadgets and chases –

On the critical side, the Guardian came out enthusiastic (“a huge piece of entertainment ridiculously easy to watch, which seems half as long as it is”), as opposed to the Telegraph, which deems it “disappointing and whatever.”

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The fundamentals, in any case, are there: spectacular chases (special mention for a stunt on a motorcycle in the alleys of Matera in Italy), heavy shootings, gadgets and awe-inspiring landscapes, from Norway to Jamaica and in the South of Italy. The deadly over-equipped Aston Martin DB5 is back.

Without forgetting the touch of British humor, inherited from the 1960s, less saucy, more self-mockery.

The director, the first American to make a James Bond, digs even further into the grooves of previous films with a secret agent confronted with his intimate flaws, the agent having to save both the world and his family, and imposes his paw from a chilling opening scene, in the Nordic winter.

Initially scheduled for March 2020, the film’s release is awaited by fans, but also by cinema operators affected by the pandemic: the previous “Specter”, released at the end of 2015, had grossed more than $ 880 million worldwide, according to the specialized press.