Francine Bordin business manager and sickle cell sufferer


Francine Bordin has sickle cell disease but above all is a business leader. It’s been 10 years since she set up the Fantasy Nails nail salon with a friend, which is located at the Marina du Gosier. His schedule is always full. Many had advised him against embarking on this activity, which was considered too tedious and incompatible with his illness.

“I admit that I have always been a bit stubborn. This allowed me to understand my limits which are not necessarily those that we believe. Sometimes the people who love us protect us a little too much and ultimately prevent us from realizing ourselves. It’s necessary to be vigilant. Today, Francine Bordin is proud of her journey and wishes to testify in order to encourage other sickle cell sufferers.

“You always have to have plans and try to accomplish them. He is…

France-Antilles Guadeloupe
939 mots – 16.06.2022