Francisco de Manuel to Replace ‘El Fandi’ at San José del Valle Bullfighting Festival

The bullfighter Francisco de Manuel will be the substitute for David Fandila ‘El Fandi’ at the festival that will be held tomorrow, Sunday, June 4, at 6:30 p.m., in the Cadiz town of San José del Valle.

The right-hander from Granada continues with his recovery process after undergoing surgery several weeks ago for “severe root compression at the L5-S1 level, as a result of a large lumbar hernia.”

The Mixed Festival with Picadores is part of the San José del Valle Fair and Festival. 5 steers-bulls from the prestigious Fuente Ymbro ranch in Cádiz will fight for the bullfighters Manuel Escribano, Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez, Francisco de Manuel, the bullfighter with picadores Germán Vidal ‘El Melli’ and the bullfighter without picadores Ángel Pérez.