Franck Dettinger has just inaugurated a mastering studio in Puymory near Vicq-sur-Breuil

Franck Dettinger is known in the regional musical landscape… And nationally. Singer, author, composer, he performed in the first part of Yves Dutheil, Claudio Capéo and Arno, who left to join the circle of dead poets a few weeks ago. Lately, Franck Dettinger has abandoned the stage to better devote himself to sound. “I had plans to open a studio specializing in mastering,” he explains.

Do not confuse mixing and mastering

Taking advantage of the confinement, he accomplished this dream. Attention ! Do not confuse mixing and mastering. The mixing allows, by separating them, to balance the different tracks. Mastering gives the possibility of smoothing, of correcting the frequencies, of giving the sound a particular grain. “I’m the one who seasons, who gives spice, salty or sweet” he laughs. This starred chef of the consoles, embarked on this very particular cuisine, during the recording of his album “Vertiges”. “I asked for a Parisian studio which left me wanting more,” laments Franck Dettinger. Unsatisfied with the result, he himself mastered his titles. And today, he puts his skills at the service of other artists. Irony of fate. He who wanted to capture the attention of artists in the region, mainly collaborates with groups from Lyon, Paris or Reunion.

Good volume, good vibes

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“Good Volume” has another peculiarity. The prices charged are attractive. In a room in the family pavilion dedicated to this activity, the young sound engineer sees his schedule filling up. Georges Alain Jones, who took part in the second edition of the Star Academy in 2002, contacted him for the recording of his new album. In short ! For Franck Dettinger, a new life begins.
Passionate and perfectionist, he devotes an hour to each song. He then offers his various suggestions.Family portrait of Dettinger, Franck, Rose and their mother, all musicians and working together on Franck’s latest album.

In the Dettinger family, where music occupies a special place, Franck shows the path that leads to excellence. With mastering he proves that if sound recording is an art, assembly is a science. And he masters?!

Jean-Francois Julien