The human DNA of the SMES is built on the skills. Unfortunately, many of them do not find the qualified people on the labour market. The only way goes through the initial training professional. The challenge is therefore huge for the businesses and young people. Learning must become a royal path of professional insertion.

learning as a pathway to full-fledged, normal, to the side of the path academic, will take time. Perhaps ten years of age. Our country lives more a failure of orientation that failure at school. Another point is important : the inter-generational. All of us have, at a given moment of our professional life, across a person who has held the hand. The elders care for the young people is fundamental and it is beyond learning. I would add that it is necessary to put an end to the situation of bankruptcy of the requirement.

When one has a bad grade in school, you can rely on. But the company is often the first place where young people are confronted with the case of sanctions immediate. From this point of view, we cannot ask for business, even if some may manage to do, catch up on the knowledge, beings, or not acquired at school. The problem is that it puts in vocational youth by default. They said : “It is not serious, you will realise it always.” This is not because we started a professional sector that there is no requirement for the key !

We don’t push too much for it. The learning contract is for the initial training, the professional contract for skills training continues. However, some rigidities of the first must be lifted. In the event of a breach of contract for example. If it is involved early and that the young did not find another soon, then he may spend a year white. It should be able to sign up at any time of the year.

there has been a lot of progress, but this remains a real issue for the trades subject to security constraints. If a minor is in an accident, this is obviously serious. But the head of the company is to be found in a washing machine of justice. It’s now been captured. As a result, the recruitment of minors in learning are less numerous. We offer the same as what was posted for the elect : to avoid criminal prosecution if the accident does not light no intentional fault and if all means of prevention have been implemented.

We ask the visibility. An accompanying clear and stable apprentice. Policies that involve one step forward and two steps back, that’s enough !

It is not necessary that the funding issues take professional training in hostage, even if they are important ! What is needed is that the circuit of funding to be effective. Before, the companies affected half of the apprenticeship tax that they pay, I remind you – the training centres of their choice. Today barely a quarter.

We have cut the link between the place of training and home professional. Suddenly, a head of school who wants to work with more interest to knock at the door of his regional council or of the Opca : this is where is the money !

We need each. Through their business expertise, the branches are a must. But not all of them have the ability to make arm-the-body training.

Another question : who will take the training interbranches for cross business in the security, or accounting for example ? And then, when a SME is recruiting at the level BAC pro or CAP, it is rarely beyond 200 miles. The territorial aspect is a must for these public. The regions will therefore be essential also in the future device. Must one for all the arrow shooter to them 100 % of the apprenticeship tax ? Who will hold the key to the safety deposit box ? This will be the result of the consultation. One thing is for sure : it is necessary to start again from the company.

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