François Asselin sentenced to life imprisonment

The murderer François Asselin was sentenced to life in prison, and will not be eligible for parole for 20 years, judge Manon Lavoie ruled Tuesday at the Trois-Rivières courthouse.

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François Asselin had killed his father, Gilles Giasson, before dismembering him and placing him in four garbage bags that he had placed himself in a garbage truck. His remains were found at the Saint-Étienne-des-Grès sanitary landfill site.

A few days later, in a Sherbrooke motel, François Asselin had stabbed more than 40 stab wounds on his colleague François Lefebvre, before placing his body in a box that he took to the company Ovation Logistique.

François Asselin pleaded not criminally responsible for mental disorder, but the 12 jurors had found him guilty of the two murders and contempt of the corpses. He had automatically been given a life sentence and had to return to class to find out how many years he would have to serve behind bars before being eligible for parole. The crown demanded a minimum of 22 years of detention, against 10 to 15 years for the defense.

Justice Lavoie found no mitigating factor. On the other hand, she drew up a long list of aggravating factors including “the gratuitousness, the brutality of the murderous acts against two victims, and his relentlessness, that is to say the number of blows carried and the places of the body where these blows were struck. “.

She added that the accused lied, tried to cover up his crimes and that the trauma and psychological damage inflicted on the relatives of the victims are significant. Justice Lavoie hopes that the accused will use his years in detention to resolve his problems of impulsivity, aggression and addiction.

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Relieved families

This decision makes the happiness not only of the prosecutor Benoit Larouche, but also of the families of the two victims.

“We have the impression that the judge understood very well the portrait, the personality and the events which gave rise to these two events. The rehabilitation is almost nil for this individual and I think that we had a sentence that is equal to the very very heinous, horrible and villainous crimes that happened in 2018, ”said the prosecutor.

“We can turn the page a bit. We know that there will be a call, so we stay on the alert, but we feel less heavy, we can go about something else even if we know that it will never bring our father back ”, added Joany Lefebvre. , the daughter of François Lefebvre.

“We are very, but very, very satisfied. We are happy and euphoric. We prayed a lot for justice to be done, ”said Lucille Giasson, sister of Gilles Giasson.

A notice of appeal was however received at the Trois-Rivières courthouse. Asselin’s lawyers believe that the judge erred in law on several occasions, particularly with regard to the constitutionality of section 33.1 on “extreme intoxication akin to automatism”.

It could still take almost a year and a half before the case is heard.

– With the collaboration of Patricia Hélie, TVA Nouvelles