François Bernardini re-elected mayor: “to anchor Istres in the era of modernity”

For the 4th time, François Bernardini received the mayor’s scarf of Istres. This will be his last term. This morning during the installation city council there was a lot of talk about Covid 19 and the post-Covid era.

With 35 votes out of 42, François Bernardini was logically re-elected mayor of Istres this morning during the installation town council. A board exceptionally relocated to the Multipurpose Hall to accommodate enough people in compliance with health rules. Rules also not always easy to respect … as when the mayor can not help kissing his dear Nicole Joulia during his handing over of the 1st deputy’s scarf.

There was a lot of talk about Covid 19 during this council, which lasted 3 hours. The mayor took stock of the situation in the town where 5 people died from the coronavirus, none in EPHAD. Several times François Bernardini has addressed his gratitude to all those who were mobilized during this crisis (nursing staff, teachers, municipal agents, volunteers, elected officials, …). A crisis that will have an impact on the city with a shortfall estimated at 1.4 million euros and 2.1 million euros committed to the fight against Covid. One of the city’s new roundabouts will also be dedicated to the victims of the pandemic.

In the presence of MP Pierre Dharreville and former mayor Jacques Siffre, François Bernardini also recalled that this 4th term would be his last. “I was never worried about the outcome of the ballot, did he declare. This election has done a lot of good to the identity of our city. I want to anchor Istres in the era of modernity. Our program is ambitious “.

The mayor did address a small tackle to his opponents, “those who wanted to pay for the Fat, Napoleon, the Sun King or Ramses, as I could hear“. But above all he called for respect:”we will have to learn to work together. I wish a lenient and respectful atmosphere within the City Council. My behavior will be simple and, as I said before, like a mountain bike, I will adapt to the reality of the terrain. “

In the video above, an extract from François Bernardini’s speech and his interview (at the microphone of JM Darras)

The list of assistants:

1st assistant Nicole Joulia, delegate for culture, women’s rights and citizenship

2nd Deputy Eric Casado, Delegate for Town Planning and Public Domain Management

3rd Deputy Celine Camoin, delegate for city policy, Civil Status and Traditions

4th Deputy Olivier Mayor, Delegate for Finances and Law in the City

5th assistant Carole Falco, delegate for Early Childhood

6th deputy Yves Garcia, delegate for the Environment, Ecology, living environment and CIQ

7th Deputy Suzelle Ayot, Trade and Crafts Delegate

8th Deputy Pierre Imbert, Delegate for Education and Children

9th Deputy Patricia Santini, Sport Delegate

10th Deputy Michel Coslon, Delegate for Health

11th Deputy Catherine Quet, Senior Delegate

12th Deputy Alaian Aragneau, delegate for Public and Civil Security, Transport and Patriotic Associations

13th deputy Laurent Bremaud, deputy Quartier Sud, delegate for Personnel and Social Centers

14th deputy Celine Tramontin, Entressen district deputy and delegate for water policy

15th deputy Marc Einaudi, deputy East district and delegate to the funeral services and cemeteries

16th assistant Claude Mora, assistant for the West district and delegate for Housing and animation of the districts

The next municipal council will take place on Thursday June 18 at 9 a.m. again at the Halle polyvalente.

Reminder of the results of March 15: François Bernardini (DVG) was re-elected mayor of Istres in the first round with 54.8% of the vote. He is ahead of Robin Pretot (LR – 15.63%), Michel Caillat (VEC – 14.39%), Rose Criado (RN – 11.33%) and Thierry Blanc (DVC – 3.85%).

Summary of the votes this Saturday, May 23: 35 votes for François Bernardini, 3 for Robin Pretot, 2 for Rose Criado and 3 draws.


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