“François Morel, that’s it… that’s all”, free humor

Of his friend François Morel, the director Jean-Michel Ribes says: “He is a plural boy and at the same time unique. ” This musical documentary, where humor, mockery and fantasy mingle, celebrates an artist with multiple lives – columnist for France Inter, actor, poet, writer … Far from a portrait strictly speaking, sketches follow one another and enlighten the character: the artist in signing sessions, on stage, during the shooting of “Sans-dents”, Pascal Rabaté’s film, or in front of his audience. So many tasty moments. His relatives describe a touching perfectionist. “A species of Bourvil less peasant, in the good sense of the word, less robust, more fragile”, specifies the actor and director Jacques Weber.

” His sucess ? Remain himself “

At 18, François dreamed of being a singer: Morel would become a crazy actor. Who has forgotten the colorful characters of the “Deschiens”? The camera follows for a year the rehearsals of his show “I have doubts” (Molière for best actor in 2019), a burlesque and vibrant tribute to Raymond Devos for whom he feels boundless admiration. “Devos is not at all fashionable, the guy made bad puns, Morel believes. But what I liked about him was his mastery of the language, visually he was just as wonderful. And strange. Even though he was fat, he brought a certain lightness. ” In “I have doubts”, Morel appropriates Devos. “It was Devos who became François Morel rather than the opposite, nuance Jean-Michel Ribes. His sucess ? Remain himself. ”

Contaminated by the comedian with braces, jet black hair and the silhouette of a sumo wrestler, Morel plays with words and the absurd. A scene to die for? Her producer criticizes her for consuming too many socks « rouge papal » from… Gammarelli, a small sewing workshop in Rome. The same as those worn by François Fillon and Edouard Balladur, too expensive for production. “Why should I be less well shod than these personalities ?, he retorts. I also bring a lot of things to France and to French culture. If you prefer to work with Mr. Balladur, ask him to come and play the charming singer. “

Friday May 21 at 10:45 pm on France 5. Documentary by Philippe Lallemant (2019). 52 min. (Available in replay on france.tv).

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