François Rebsamen opposes the legal age at 64 and presents his proposals

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Support for Emmanuel Macron, François Rebsamen does not hide his disagreement with retirement at 64. If he considers that a reform is necessary, the mayor of Dijon wishes to submit proposals. He presented them to France 3 Bourgogne.

Why in our country do we have to carry out the big reform every 8 or 10 years that puts everyone out?” Support from the President of the Republic, François Rebsamen voiced his opposition to the pension reform presented by the government. While he admits that measures are necessary to balance the accounts, he is against the legal retirement age of 64 years : “We could have a more reasonable approach year after year, by auditing pension plan accounts. If necessary, the contribution period will be extended, while maintaining the legal age of 62 years.

In the event that the government persists in passing this reform, the mayor of Dijon hopes that certain amendments will be adopted. If he no longer sits in parliament, he presents his proposals:

I hope that this reform will not be applied immediately so that people can organize themselves. It could be put in place, for example, from January 1, 2025. Why rush everything overnight when people who are going to leave this year have already planned plans for their retirement?

We must give quarters of additional contributions to those who have had difficult jobs. There are jobs that are harder than others and you have to take into account all the hardship factors.

I would like companies to consider seniors more, by adapting their working hours. An index must be created for companies with more than 300 employees. If it is not respected, the companies must be sanctioned and will thus feed the retirement fund.

We rely solely on assets to fund pensions. There are other possible sources of financing: reducing employee contributions and increasing employer contributions, or taking a little capital with an extension of the CRDS (Contribution to the repayment of the social debt).

Contrary to what has been said, this reform is not favorable to women. I would like all women who have had two children to have the right to retire at the full rate at 65, and not only from three.

Without a parliamentary mandate, François Rebsamen hopes that his voice will be heard and his proposals relayed. He confirms his support for Emmanuel Macron but calls for reflection and debate: “Today, people are anxious. This company should not be pushed to the limit. I think there is a risk of fracture.

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François Rebsamen speaks on the pension reform.

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