Françoise Degois : “The big winner in the defeat of the left, c'is Jean-Luc Mélenchon “

Françoise Degois : “The big winner in the defeat of the left, c'is Jean-Luc Mélenchon “

Gérard Collomb

” The best times of France, it is those where there is a strong central power. “ (France Info, 19/06/2017)

François Fillon

” If I had won, we would have said that I had everything well managed. “ (JDD, 18/06/2017)

Emmanuel Macron

” In France, we love the entrepreneur, provided that it did not succeed too well. And when it starts to succeed too well, it is jealous, it stigmatizes them, and often it is the fiscalise. Well, it’s finished ! “ (15/06/2017)

Alain Juppe

” the intention of my dear South-West : juppéistes, sarkozystes, fillonistes… all of it, it is finished ! A little imagination ! Place in the succession ! “ (Twitter, 13/06/2017)

Jean-Marie Le Guen

” The PS is dead. The party never made it back. Our voters have not disappeared : they have voted for LREM. “ (11/06/2017)

Jean-Christophe Cambadelis

” The intentional interference of the divisions, and the promise supported renewal have not been able to stop this disenfranchisement compounded. “ (Twitter, 11/09/2017)

Georges Fenech

” If you fliquez permanent members, soon there will be more. “ (France 5, 04/06/2017)

Jean-Christophe Cambadelis

” We lost around 40,000 activists in three years. Our challenge now is to reclaim the land. At all levels, in order not to be at the mercy in France of a movement like Podemos. “ (The Opinion, 26/05/2017)

Manuel Valls

” I am a republican, a leftist militant, progressive, socialist, and a free man. “ (Paris, 23/05/2017)

François Baroin

” I think it is quite clever to put the two hostage-taking right at Bercy to embody the increase of the income tax and the CSG. “ (RTL, 18/05/2017)

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

” I have not rallied to the FN, I will accept and never at FN. I wanted to break the curse of the division of the right. “ (Europe 1, 17/05/2017)

Pierre Gattaz

” For the moment, we are on a cloud, for the moment Emmanuel Macron is a no-fault. “ (CNews, 16/05/2017)

François Lamy

” my friends, “PS” who claim to be part of the presidential majority will ask Edward Philip to defend the balance sheet as they do with me ? “ (Twitter, 15/05/2017)

Manuel Valls

” I don’t want to give up my ideological struggle for the Republic and secularism. (…) I don’t have a problem with bonapartism. “ (JDD, 14/05/2017)

Manuel Valls

” Hollande is nasty, but in a framework. Macron, to him, is wicked, but it has no codes so no limits. “ (JDD, 14/05/2017)

Pierre Gattaz

” Macron does not go far enough on lower loads, it is necessary to do more with less. “ (08/05/2017)

Emmanuel Macron

” Jean Jaurès was a man who loved freedom much more than those who cite at leisure today. It was as a defender of the contractor. “ (La Dépêche du Midi, 03/05/2017)

Manuel Valls

” I enrolled in the presidential majority. My support to Emmanuel Macron will be committed support to achieve this quinquennium. “ (CNews, 04/05/2017)

Jean-Christophe Cambadelis

” The party of’epinay’s death and well death. ” (02/05/2017)

Ségolène Royal

” It was a good surprise on Sunday evening, our candidate was in the lead. “ (CNews, 25/04/2017)

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