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Frank Lampard's message before Derby County's fight with Aston Villa

Frank Lampard has called on his players in Derby County to opt for an international break-in.

In three wins and a draw Derby has collected since the October break 10 points for twelve international matches.

They beat Sheffield United 2-1, West Bromwich Albion 4-1 and Birmingham City 3-1, and drew 1-1 in Middlesbrough.

The return of points has placed the Rams well placed in the top six of the championship.

A demanding series of games will be over when Aston Villa visits Pride Park Stadium today.

Asked about Derby's impressive run, Lampard said, "It's a good saying, but it's going to be a little defined by what's going on today, since we'll have two weeks to think about it, and it was not very kind. "

Lampard referred to a 1-1 draw with Queens Park Rangers on Loftus Road for the final international break.

The result at QPR left Derby with a win in six games and only six points out of a possible 18 points.

"We've earned more in some ways, but we have to take responsibility for that as well," said Lampard.

"I think that all the results in this group of games are due to us because we worked hard.

"If we work hard, we can get where we want to go, so we've got a nice position, but it's certainly important to end it (against Villa).

"You have no chance to relax in this game, when we relax, we get hit where it hurts.

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Derby County against Aston Villa

"That's why it's important that my message to the boys is," Yes, let's enjoy that we play well "- I like that, I like happy faces every day – but they have to keep working hard and understanding that there is more to do to make us even better.

"That has to be commonplace until May.

"We've done better in most of the games and in the really good week we've had. We did a good job and it helped us create more opportunities, and we certainly created more this month.

"There are always improvements (that can be made).

"There are not big things to say, maybe as a group we must always focus on the team we are playing against, because the championship presents so many different challenges to you, whether it's Birmingham, which are very organized Be it Aston Villa, which has many threats to its name and now collectively describes the way Dean Smith works with them.

"Good news for me and the staff to get it right, and the players who get it right are appreciating what's ahead and we can be confident in how we play.

"I feel we have a really good chance in every match, if we have prepared it properly, if we prepare properly and if we are used the way we should, then we can with the quality, the we have a lot of games here.

"We are working to be more consistent and last month we have been more consistent."



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