Frankfurt am Main: Apple juice concentrate pollutes Frankfurt streets – Unclear damage – Many injured

Symbol image of the Frankfurt fire brigade

Frankfurt am Main – For a previously unknown cause, a truck lost its liquid load on the morning of June 29, 2021 during the approx. 5 kilometer journey through Frankfurt. The sticky liquid, which appeared extremely slippery on the road, was an apple juice concentrate declared as food.

As a result, there were a large number of falls and accidents. According to the current status, a total of two pedestrians, 18 cyclists and two motorbike drivers were involved in accidents. In addition, there were two rear-end collisions, each with two cars involved. Most of those involved suffered only minor injuries and were treated on an outpatient basis by the ambulance service. These and uninjured victims were usually able to continue their journey on their own. Five victims had to be transported to a hospital due to the respective injury pattern after first aid from the emergency services.

The truck came to a stop in the Gutleutstrasse area. Before that, coming from the Osthafen, he drove in the areas of Honselbrücke, Osthafenbrücke, Gerbermühlstrasse, Wasserweg, Deutschherrn Ufer, Sachsenhausen Ufer, Schaumainkai, Friedensbrücke and Baseler Platz.

The truck, a tractor unit with a semi-trailer, transports a 20-foot overseas container in which there was a plastic tank for transporting liquid food. According to the loading paper, its total volume was 18,000 liters. The tank, which had leaked due to a technical defect, was 95% empty when the fire brigade arrived and around 60 liters leaked out per minute. The cause of the leak is unknown.

The leaked liquid on the roadway and the remaining tank contents were heavily diluted with water. In coordination with the FES, it was discharged into a main sewer pipe in the sewerage system close to the damage site. The police and an appointed expert began taking the necessary measures to determine the cause of the accident during the operation.

After the plastic tank was completely emptied, it was disposed of by the FES. The truck involved in the accident and the lane areas in Gutleutstrasse were then cleaned with water.

Several fire engines and a large fire truck from the fire brigade were used to clean the traffic areas along the entire route. The FES also supported the work with a water sprayer and several larger and smaller sweepers. Due to light precipitation at the time of the accident, the viscous concentrate had spread over a large area as a lubricating film over the roadway area and adjacent bicycle paths. As a result, the easily named accidents occurred.

On the part of the fire brigade, around 40 emergency services were deployed. In addition, several ambulances were used to take care of the two-wheeled drivers who had been involved in the accident. The fire brigade was able to end the mission around noon after around five hours of activity and the police took over on-site operations management.

In the further course of the day, the FES takes over the cleaning of all affected side streets adjacent to the actual accident route. In some places, the concentrate was carried over by vehicles and, as a result, it hit the asphalt.

The amount of damage cannot currently be quantified. The police investigation continues.