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Freckle filter, more people want freckle tattoos and there are now their own freckle products. These are some of the signs that freckles are trendy.

At TikTok, the subject line is trending «freckles»With over 1.8 billion views.

Madelen Haga has always been jealous of those who have freckles.

She does not have it herself, but draws on when she wants to be extra nice.

Salons that perform permanent makeup treatment can confirm that freckles are something they are often asked about.

Saw it on TikTok

Now there is a regrowth spray that is the big thing at TikTok. By pressing loosely on the spout, the light brown content comes out spotty. Almost like natural freckles.

Haga is an influencer and tried out the trend because she tests everything that is popular.

What was initially a trend, has now become more or less a part of the daily make-up routine.

If I’m in a period where I want to feel extra good, I do it every day, says Haga.

Madelen Haga sprays on freckles

NATURAL «LOOK»: Madelen Haga sprays freckles on herself. – All my friends do it. I do not know of a single one who has not done so, almost, she says.

Photo: Madelen Haga / Madelen Haga

She’s not sure where her fascination with freckles comes from, but thinks she’s been influenced by what she’s seen online.

– Everyone on Instagram is really «inspo», where they stand with «beachy waves» and freckles on their faces.

Have you sprayed or put on freckles?

“Everyone” does

Haga says that all her friends draw or spray on freckles. It has become very normal.

– I do not know of a single one who has not done so, almost.

This is in stark contrast to what she remembers from when she was younger.

– In primary school, I feel you could be bullied for having freckles.

Now the pipe has a different sound, obviously. Haga, like many others, thinks freckles give a natural “look”.

However, she could not imagine making the freckles permanent. She’s too impulsive to do that.

– JI’m very spontaneous, so suddenly I can get tired of things. But I am very fond of freckles, and think it is absolutely beautiful!

In Lillehammer, the people agree that freckles are fresh and beautiful.

Hedda Sofie Kopstad does not draw on freckles, because she feels natural.

– But I have of course seen the trend on TikTok, she adds.

Hedda Sofie Kopstad

– Freckles give a little play to the skin, says Kristin Andersen.

She gets some freckles in the summer, but has not heard of the trend on TikTok.

Kristin Andersen

Inga Sahlin wished she had freckles. She has tested the TikTok trend.

– Freckles are great, so I just had to see what I looked like with it.

Inga Sahlin

Not just for the youth

On the other hand, more people are taking the step of making the natural “look” permanent.

Solvor Hegge at the skin clinic Invisibli has offered freckle pigmentation steadily for over 20 years. She has noticed an increase in people wanting permanent freckles in recent years.

– There are very many who draw freckles every day. They come here to let it go.

Hegge says that they have several inquiries about this every single week.

She is amazed at the diversity in age of those who want freckle tattoo.

– They are from 18 years and up, but there are very many good adults who want it too.

Not an unusual trend

Thomas Wold is an associate professor at Nord University. He says trends are unpredictable.

Associate Professor at Nord University, Thomas Wold.  Portrait image.

PRETTY RANDOM: Social media expert Thomas Wold says that it often happens by chance what becomes popular, but that celebrities often make the wheels go faster.

Photo: Jonas Schwarzwaelder / Nils Ditt / Jonas Schwarzwaelder / Nils Dittrich

– It’s a bit coincidental that there are freckles right now.

He confirms what Haga experienced in primary school: Freckles have often been seen as imperfect. But like beauty spots, it now has its heyday.

– A trend that appears from time to time is to celebrate the imperfect.

However, it is not entirely coincidental that it has taken off.

– When the trend is picked up by someone with many followers, it gets more speed and foothold.

The trend has obviously taken hold among many young people. Haga says that she no longer thinks about who has freckles and who does not.

– Now it is completely normal to come with freckles one day, and without freckles the next, she says.