Much has been rumored for some weeks of the possible pregnancy of Colombian model Sara Uribe, who is based in China maintaining a relationship with soccer player Freddy Guarín. Everything seems to indicate that by deciding to leave everything behind to rebuild that relationship – despite the critics-, the couple went on to take a new step in their relationship: a baby.Read: Sara Uribe is expecting a baby from Freddy Guarín? It was apparently Freddy Guarín himself who would have left in evidence the 'belly' of the presenter Antioquia, which reinforced the rumors that began to circulate a few weeks ago. The program I Know Everything, where the model also worked until April of this year, unveiled the video that made the suspicions of the visit of the stork grow. It was on an Instagram Live that Sara's "belly" was seen and her ex-set partners began to speculate about it. In the video, both appear in her apartment and while Sara co rre behind her pet, Freddy shows her with a little belly that makes believe that the rumor is a reality. There are those who already rumored that the model and the soccer player would have decided that the baby that is on the way is born in Miami (USA) Another rumor that runs around the pregnancy warns that the couple has not confirmed the news while waiting to sell the photos exclusively to some entertainment media. You may be interested: Colombian Fox Sports presenter conquered followers with her dance This is the video broadcasted by Freddy Guarín: It seems that Fredy revealed Sara on Instagram 🤔– Andrea Lorena Durán (@Duranlorena_) October 13, 2018 .


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