Frédéric Calamel “in favor of a freeze on descents”

Faced with the accumulation of postponements, the president of USC wants adjustments to the competition. Not his stop.

Following the new “Covid-19” report requested by the US Carcassonne facing Mont-de-Marsan, Frédéric Calamel evokes the health crisis.

How many players tested positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday, October 14?

We have six in our workforce. This led to the postponement of our meeting this Friday against Mont-de-Marsan.

As president, how do you deal with all these postponements?

This is our second postponement in the league, but it should also be noted that we were not able to play any preparation match. It’s colossal! We live it with difficulty of course. With all the measures there are currently, it’s complicated for the club. And sportingly, it’s going to become more and more difficult because for me, there is no sporting equity between the clubs that can play and those that cannot, with postponements, friendlies, no friendlies … We adapt, we endure situations. But I repeat, and whatever the penalized club, we are not in a sporting equity worthy of the name.

And then the withdrawal dates are not legion …

You don’t know that… because we can just as well play on weekdays.

“Integrate as many young people as possible”

In this case, what about the integrity of the players regarding the risk of injury?

I am in favor of the idea of ​​playing as many matches as possible, including at least during the week, insofar as we can integrate Hopes into the teams. Which one, would allow young people to play, two, to continue the championship, insofar as there is no sporting risk of downhill. I am in favor of a freeze on the championship. I would say that at times and phenomena exceptional and very serious, exceptional decisions. The championship will be distorted insofar as we may have to play during the week, with young people, have postponements… It is total uncertainty. Personally, I am in favor of playing as many matches as possible by including as many young people as possible who will have playing time… insofar as the descents are frozen and the risk of descents is frozen.

The ranking of Pro D2.

But not the climbs?

If you don’t go down, you can’t go up. After that, there is a global reflection to be had. But first, freezing relegations would be an important point.

Do the decisions announced by President Macron change things for you?

Nothing, because they concern the red zones, the large metropolises in which we are not. Now we can no longer do the post-game meals, the receptions. We have to pay attention to the level of the gauges… So we are already very affected. Certainly, less than the big cities which will be 100%, but there is already automatically an impact on our finances.

Do these new cases found within the club have an impact on your functioning?

We will do what the NRL requires us to do with the medical commission. Their recommendations are expected today. And we will follow them strictly.

“Solutions to play all the matches”

Were you already worried that this health crisis would continue?

Like everyone else, I feared it while hoping that it would stabilize and especially not increase. I am of a very optimistic temperament but there… I think that there are solutions to play all the matches, but insofar as behind, there are no sporting risks. Otherwise, it’s too dangerous. We can play in a U21 championship which is much less busy in terms of confrontations.

As for the risks for the players?

The concern in Pro D2 is much less than in Top 14. First, because we already have more rest dates. Second, if we play on weekdays rotating the roster, we will find dates. But I repeat again, the primary concern is sporting fairness. If the clubs have no risk of a descent, there is no problem, we can play. We will find solutions to play by relying on our young people and by rotating the workforce. But how can I ask my staff to do this while maintaining the pressure of compulsory sports results. It is not possible !

Do you fear, as was the case last season, the end of the competition?

We do not want it, but it is a fear that we can have. But the future of professional clubs would be at stake. The decisions, like the solutions, for that matter, are the state that will take them.

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