Frédéric Motte, a new candidate for the presidency of the Medef

Frédéric Motte, a new candidate for the presidency of the Medef


once is not custom, the Medefs territorial are on the front lines. The boss of the Medef Hauts-de-France, Frédéric Motte, will present his candidacy earlier this week for a successor to Pierre Gattaz. “ I will be a candidate “, he announced on Wednesday, regardless of the outcome of the vote of the executive board of the employers ‘ organisation on Monday on the possible amendment of the articles of association. This announcement comes a day after that of Patrick Martin, president of the Medef Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne (france).

Two candidates from the territories who is present in quick, the thing is rare enough to not be indicative of the crisis that gnaws at the Medef. Most of the members of Medef territorial, in fact, have the impression to fly their election with the nomination is supposed to take Jean-Dominique Senard , the boss of Michelin. The latter may be very established in the Auvergne region, thanks to his group, he remains the incarnation of the boss of the CAC 40 , the polar opposite of the business managers of SMES in the province.

Relegation of the Medef territorial

When one sees the turn of current events, the messages me back my members, and my personal feeling, it is a big disappointment and some concern “, stated Frédéric Motte, believing that “ during this time we are not talking about the company “.

” Concerns “, “ delusion ” : the words are strong. It feels like the discomfort is deep and that it does not date from today. This relegation of the Medef territorial is indeed old, and in spite of the efforts of Frédéric Motte precisely, which has led for the past two years, a reform that is designed to give them more space in decision-making bodies of the Medef, the situation remains unbalanced. For proof, the Medef territorial only have a third of votes in the executive council and the general assembly, as against two-thirds for the professional branches. It must be said that they weigh only 10 % of the overall budget of the Medef.

Offer more services

” we need to revisit our organization, have a Medef that walk on two legs, the territories and branches “, asserts Frédéric Motte, who runs a business of industrial subcontracting of 400 employees. In the absence of power prevail, these two candidates have the least merit to send a clear message to the future president of the Medef : if the moving business is intended to represent the businesses of the whole of France, it will be necessary to rely more on the territories by providing more services to its members and power to his elect.

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