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Free Fire made several changes with the “Revolution” patch. Players must take into account all the settings so that their style of play remains competitive in the Battle Royale mode, one of the most popular. Here we tell you what new details you will find in your next games.

“Forget risking your life for an airdrop only to find it has already been looted or waiting for a gift sent from above not knowing where it would land. We improved certain visual effects for airdrops to help you get them easier”Garena specifies about the visual effects for the airdrops.

FREE FIRE | Airdrop improvements

  • Optimized light beams on airdrops: When an airdrop has been looted, the light will disappear even if some objects still remain.
  • Airdrop Location Alert: When a player is near a new airdrop, a sign will appear where it will land.
  • Rare item airdrops will be signaled using more intense light beams.
  • Unlooted airdrops will be signaled using pulsing light beams.
  • Adjusted the color indication for the airdrop vending machine icon on the minimap.
  • Removed headlight beams for monster trucks.

About visual effects for rare items, rare equipment will have different types of glowing effects. “We differentiate glow effects on rare objects according to their rarity, to make them easier to spot. Look, a red light!”needs Garena.

  • Gold: Weapons last version of level I.
  • Gold+: Latest tier II weapons, regular airdrop weapons, evolution chips, vest lvl. 4, helmet lvl. 4 and FF coins (>500).
  • Red: Tier III latest version weapons and upgraded airdrop weapons.
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FREE FIRE | Battle Royale mode adjustments

  • Extended respawn point with available duration from 600s to 620s.
  • The price of Elimination List missions and UAVs in vending machines has been reduced from 600 to 400.
  • Vending Machine Item Changes:
  • Sniper Ammo (1 stack only)
  • 15% increase in the amount of medkits.
  • 10% reduction in the appearance of gloo walls.
  • The latest versions of VSS and Kar98k will no longer spawn on the ground.
  • The Charge Buster will no longer spawn on the ground and will now be available from airdrops and airdrop vending machines.
  • Free weapons in airdrop vending machines are now the M14 and MP5.
  • Damage taken from outside the adjusted safe zone:
  • Damage take duration does not update when a new safe zone appears.

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