Free Netflix, movies and TV series in streaming without a subscription

Surprise move of Netflix to attract new users: an interesting selection of original productions which can be used completely free of charge even without having an account (this is the link). Not the first time that the streaming giant decides to free some content for promotional purposes, but that it came to include them in a special online catalog had never happened. All the available titles are of great importance, from movies to tv series. But while the former can be seen in full, the latter include only the first episodes of the first season. For the rest, the only differences compared to the paid version consist in the presence of one 30 second Netflix commercial (“Skippable”) and a Subscribe Now button respectively at the beginning and at the end of the vision.

I titoli Netflix gratis

As for the films, the list features three big hits like Murder Mystery, Bird Box e The two popes, film nominated with Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce. Among the series, however, the famous have been included Stranger Things, When They See Us, Elite, L’amore cieco, Grace and Frankie, the cartoon Boss Baby: Back in business and the documentary Our planet. There is therefore something for all tastes and all ages. Of course we are not talking about first visions, but about products that are still able to provide the user with a rather transversal cross-section of the complete platform catalog. However, it is not clear whether this is a temporary initiative or a permanent showcase. However, the Frequently Asked Questions specify that the selection can change at any time.

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The yellow of season tickets

Available for smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, streaming media players, and video game consoles, Netflix delivers three types of plans: Basic, Standard and Premium, respectively from 7.99, 11.99 and 15.99 euros per month. In the past it was possible to activate a free 30-day trial, today no more. It is therefore likely that the new free titles were launched precisely to perform the same function: that of start retaining potential paying subscribers. And on the cost of the first month now in progress a small yellow. For about a week, in fact, Netflix has been offering from time to time different prices on the basis – apparently – of the browser used: it ranges from 0.05 to 3.99 euros, passing through 0.99. A rather anomalous situation which, also considering the absence of official communications, does not cease to intrigue users.

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