Free PC game. This opportunity cannot be missed

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As part of the Monthly Drop, we will get an independent production and it’s completely free. It’s a simple puzzle game where you can relax.

The Epic Games Store isn’t just famous for its free games. The same lead will be followed by Opera GX, which in the framework of Monthly Drop provides free titles. It is worth keeping this initiative in mind if we are suffering from a games deficit.

This time we’ll get a simple and pleasant puzzle game: it’s a proven one “time eater”which thanks to its graphic design will also appeal to younger players.

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Princess Farmer for free at

Princess Farmer is the title of the production that we will receive for free via It’s a simple puzzle game based on matching elements (match3), with a casual narrative.

Image credit: © Steam

Princess Farmer

Easy and pleasant game, with fairy-tale graphics. Just take nothing. Under normal circumstances, we would have paid for Princess Farmer PLN 53.99 (on the Steam platform), however, until February 2, 2023, we can pick it up for free. Reviews about the game on Steam are a good recommendation; a total of 57 reviews, the lion’s share of which are positive.

Epic Games Store has also prepared something

Let’s also remember about the offer prepared by the Epic Games Store. Today, January 26, 2023, we will pick up two interesting productions for free, namely Adios and Hell is Others

Sebastian Barysz, journalist of Polygamia

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