Free prepares to revolutionize the market for mobile subsidy, Xavier Niel wants to break the house again


Xavier Niel makes the bet, the current subsidy system used by Orange, SFR and Bouygues will disappear within 18 months. At this point, Free will land in this market and will try to redo the blow of 2012.

"We hope every time to have faster decisions, to be able to launch faster, we dream to start.You will see things happen in the coming weeks which are small funny ideas that we can have jesper what you like, but here are a few things you can do to move forward in this direction. "Xavier Niel, enthusiastic, did not hide his ambition to revolutionize the mobile subsidy market in France, new target announced last week during the presentation of the plan "Odysse 2024" dIliad.

Before the analysts, the founder of Free went even further by making a bet:"In 18 months, you will see the subsidy will be gone in France, I am sure." And add"at the end of the day", it will be necessary that the operator "let this second pile l and he redo the revolution".

If in the subsidy market, Free has won a battle in the Court of Cassation, then appeal face SFR lex-troublemaker is currently in full legal battle against Orange, this time on current offers. But not only, "There are procedures today against several operators on these subjects, which are rather short procedures that will come to fruition."

According to Xavier Niel, the game is already winning, "We have legislative changes that are coming, we will have to start detailing in the bill what corresponds to the mobile and what is the service, so typically the subsidy as it has existed historically, will disappear."

This launching opportunity, Free lattendait for 7 years when he tried to address this market, shortly after his arrival on the mobile in 2012, but the legal service of Iliad quickly calm the ardor of the founder of Free: "it's forbidden it's illegal I am told, but wait for others to do it Yes, it is illegal and we do not do illegal things.

At a time when justice given by Xavier Niel's operator, which has been stating for years the practices of his rivals, namely credits for the consumption of goods, Free is preparing to land at the right time: "For us it's a real chance, when all these things are going to disappear, we'll be able to enter this market." The two must agree, we need to be able to make a shock again. So we move in this direction quietly while preparing ourselves, does not work only with shops, does not work only with different and intelligent ideas, but walked by putting in place things that are legal and that will be viable for the next 20 years. "


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