Free, quickly, anonymously: Chelyabinsk residents were called to the TRC and the city center for HIV testing


On Friday, May 18, in Chelyabinsk, several events will start, at which citizens will be able to take an HIV test for free, quickly and anonymously. All of them are timed to the World Day of Memory of the deceased from AIDS, the press service of the regional Ministry of Health said. Today in the region, according to official data, more than 39 thousand people live with HIV, nearly 4,5 thousand of them were identified by specialists last year. Doctors warn that today everyone is affected by HIV, and they call everyone who had a risk of infection to check their health. Today and the whole weekend can be analyzed on the first floor of the TRC “Cuba”. The campaign “Stop HIV / AIDS” will be held on May 18-20 from 16:00 to 20:00. – Some are afraid to pass the HIV test, do not want to know the result. But there should be no fears: the sooner a person learns about the disease, the sooner he will start seeing a specialist, and he will be prescribed treatment, due to which he will live a long and high-quality life, “said Olga Yavorskaya, the head of the Department of Disease Prevention of the Ministry of Health. At the weekend, the HIV test can be combined with other examinations. You can go through them on the interactive site “Territory of Health”, which will unfold in the Revolution Square. Here you can also go for free x-rays, check the blood sugar and cholesterol level, measure blood pressure, find the body mass index and get recommendations from narrow specialists. On Saturday, May 19, women will be able to undergo a mammogram, all those who wish to receive recommendations from a dermatologist. On Sunday, May 20, you can ask questions to the infectious disease doctor, as well as take part in the action timed to the World AIDS Day: make a photo with a banner on the banner, make your own hands with a red tulip – a symbol of hope and attach a red ribbon – a symbol of the fight against AIDS on the tree of health. On May 20, the charitable foundation “The Source of Hope” will present the quilt – a huge patchwork with the names and age of the deceased South Uralians with positive HIV status – to the visitors of the “Health Territory” as a sign that every life is precious and HIV affects everyone. And the final of the event will be a flashmob “Red Ribbon”: all the participants of the action will line up in a huge figure of the tape, send a minute of silence to the memory of people whose lives were blown away by the disease, and launch white balls into the sky, asking for health for themselves and their loved ones. Check health in an out-of-doors clinic you can every weekend from May 12 to June 3 from 10:00 to 14:00 on the Revolution Square . Last weekend “Health Territory” was visited by more than 600 citizens . How the open-air clinic works, read in our material .


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