Free way to deconfine one of the Tarajal ships | Ceuta Television | Ceuta News

One of the El Tarajal warehouses used to isolate coronavirus-positive immigrants is going to be unconfined. This has been confirmed to Ceuta Televisión by sources from the Autonomous City of Ceuta. The reason is the drop in the number of cases in that ship, after the healing of all the people who were isolated in it during the last fourteen days.

It is not known when this ship will be definitively unconfined, but it may be a matter of hours. In fact, it has already been communicated in writing to the State Security Forces and Corps.

The confinement situation of some of the Tarajal ships has aggravated the situation in it, as we told you on August 19th, generating many tensions among the group of people who have been living in them since the migration crisis of last May.