Free WhatsApp Proxy Address & How to Setting WhatsApp Proxy

Servers in Indonesia – There is a new WhatsApp feature that can make you interested in wanting to use it, this feature is the WhatsApp Proxy address. We are here to discuss WhatsApp proxy addresses for free. The Proxy feature on WhatsApp is indeed very interesting and you can also take advantage of this feature. Well, you can take advantage of the Proxy feature on WhatsApp in a critical or emergency situation. You can use this feature to send messages for free. You can use it without having to use internet data or WiFi. And of course the presence of the Proxy feature on WhatsApp really helps you, when you don’t have an internet quota you can send messages using this feature. WhatsApp is an application that can be said to be an application that always develops the latest features. So it’s only natural that the WhatsApp application is one of the applications that many people use to send messages. The WhatsApp application itself is included in the top 3 applications with a very large number of users in Indonesia. Especially now that the WhatsApp application has added a very interesting feature, namely the WhatsApp Proxy. The presence of the WhatsApp Proxy feature is very beneficial for WhatsApp application users. Because even if you don’t use internet data, you can use it to send messages. So this feature is very helpful for WhatsApp users. You can fill in this proxy address according to the area or city where you live. So, because of that, we will share some of these proxy addresses that you can use, so hopefully your city will be there. What is a Proxy? Proxies are one of the newest features for WhatsApp as of now. You can use this proxy feature on WhatsApp. This feature is very helpful for WhatsApp users. You can use the Whatsapp application by using this proxy feature. Actually, you can use this proxy feature on WhatsApp at critical or emergency times. This proxy feature can help you when you don’t have an internet quota. Because by using this feature you can send a message without using internet data. So it’s only natural that WhatsApp users are now getting more comfortable and also more and more people are using it. Moreover, this feature is added, namely a proxy. So, before you use this proxy feature, you can follow this article to the end. The proxy itself has a proxy address that has been determined by area. So, you can use this WhatsApp proxy address by sharing the specified area. To find out this WhatsApp proxy address, you can see the full review. So, if you are curious, you want to know this free WhatsApp proxy address. All you have to do is follow the next discussion about the WhatsApp proxy address. For that, you can read and pay attention to this discussion properly. Free WhatsApp Proxy Address You can refer to this discussion so that you can find out the WhatsApp proxy addresses that can be used in the area. And we have provided the proxy addresses below. Pay attention and listen properly. 1. Alamat Proxy XXX.11.136.114 Now the WhatsApp proxy address above is actually a proxy address for use in Jakarta and its surroundings. However, can this address be used in other regions or areas? So, for now, we don’t know yet. However, if you are in the Jakarta area, you can try using the WhatsApp Proxy address above. 2. Alamat Proxy XXX.138.249.15 Apart from Jakarta, there is also a proxy address in the city of Bandung. You can try this WhatsApp proxy address when you are in the Bandung area. Especially for those of you who live in the city of Bandung, you should try this WhatsApp proxy address. Of course it really helps you when you’re in an emergency or don’t have a quota. 3. Alamat Proxy XXX.23.100.1 This WhatsApp Proxy address is also available for the region or area of ​​Semarang, Central Java. So, for those of you who live in the Semarang area, of course you have to try it. Because the proxy feature on WhatsApp can be said to be very profitable for WhatsApp application users. 4. Alamat Proxy XXX.232.86.22 For those in the North Sumatra Region, especially Medan, you can use the WhatsApp proxy address above. You can try it, who knows you can send messages without having to use internet data. And as in the discussion above, these WhatsApp proxy addresses are very helpful for you, especially if you don’t have a quota. Of course, by using this proxy address on WhatsApp, you can send messages without using the internet. So if you are not in the city or the area that we have explained above. you don’t need to worry, you can also try using this proxy address And please try it, using the WhatsApp proxy address. Port Porxy On WhatsApp Now for this port you can use it, and you can also use the 3 ports that you will choose to use. There are 3 ports that you can use including: 80 : HTTP 443 : HTTPS (Terenskripsi) 5222 : Jabber Protocol Traffic How to set WhatsApp Proxy Servers in Indonesia Now, if you have got the WhatsApp proxy address, for the next step you have to change the proxy to the address according to your area. How the heck do I change it? You can see this review or method as follows. The first step is that you have to use the latest version of the WhatsApp application at this time Next, you open the application WhatsApp We Then you guys go inside Arrangement on WhatsApp Then you choose Menu Chat If you have logged in Suit So, the next step is for you to choose Storage and Data After that you choose Proxy Then you can set the proxy and enter the proxy address that we have shared Lastly, all you have to do is save and later you will get a tick notification if you have successfully connected Finished You can apply the methods we have described above. If you have followed these methods correctly then you are connected even though you are not using internet data. Congratulations for trying it. Are These Methods Safe When Applied? Maybe some of you are wondering whether it is safe to apply these methods? Maybe what is in your mind is worrying when using this proxy. For fear of being tapped by irresponsible people. And WhatsApp has also explained the problem that you are worried about. And WhatsApp has explained that this method is done safely. So you don’t need to worry about being tapped by irresponsible people. Additionally, the proxy feature on WhatsApp is encrypted. So, you don’t need to worry about the security of your messages. The final word After the discussion or information regarding the WhatsApp Proxy address. Hopefully you can use the proxy feature on WhatsApp, so you can send messages without using internet data or quotas. We thank those of you who have visited or read our article to the end. And we apologize profusely if there is an error in conveying information or discussion. That’s all from us and thank you. We hope that this article can help you with the free WhatsApp proxy address and how to set the WhatsApp proxy servers in Indonesia.