freed with a blitz by the Carabinieri, he is in hospital-

Of Lilina Goliath

The Carabinieri took action after the report of an attempted extortion, presented by the victim’s brother: the kidnappers, arrested, asked for six thousand euros and seized him in an apartment near the Bergamo station

The outlines are all to be clarified, but the kidnapping of a young man, which took place in the West of Bresciaresolved, after five days, with the intervention of the Carabinieri and the arrest of two people. The kidnapped, 28 years old, after his release, he needed to be hospitalized for the mistreatment he suffered during his short imprisonment. Lman had been taken to an apartment in the center of Bergamo, in the station area. In the past few hours the Carabinieri of the Norm of Chiari, together with their colleagues from Brescia, carried out the blitz to free the 28-year-old.

The investigations were started on Sunday evening, when the brother of the kidnapped had turned to the Carabinieri of Chiari for report an attempted extortion. Those who held the 28-year-old hostage had asked for a ransom of 6,000 euros in cash. In a few hours the circle closed around the kidnappers and the Carabinieri, after a series of investigations, identified the hiding place where the man was held prisoner. The two kidnappers, caught in the den, were arrested and taken to prison in Bergamowhere they are awaiting the validation hearing.

March 22, 2022 (change March 22, 2022 | 13:58)