Freiamt: Freiamt municipality joins Weinland Breisgau – the Breisgau region continues to grow

Strengthen the region together. That is the credo of the 18 municipalities and 34 wineries that are members of Weinland Breisgau. The Weinland Breisgau is the tourist destination from Freiburg to Oberschopfheim and combines adventure, activities, wine, enjoyment and accommodation.

“We know how important it is to add value from tourism and we would like to strengthen regional agriculture, trade, gastronomy, tourist service providers and viticulture and ultimately our homeland through inter-municipal cooperation and networking of partners,” explains Isabella Weidler, Managing Director of Breisgauer Wein GmbH. According to Weidler, increasing revitalization and frequenting of the inner cities, wineries, farm shops, restaurants or buses in the villages would not only increase the attractiveness of the entire region and secure jobs, but also improve the quality of life of the people living here.

This realization that resources can be better used together and that the range can be increased is reaching more and more partners in the Weinland Breisgau. The municipality of Freiamt in the Black Forest has now been added. Freiamt not only enriches the destination with its vast Black Forest landscape, but above all with its 150 km long network of hiking trails, its diverse range of accommodation, its well-known Baden gastronomy and the many small farm shops and direct marketers.
“We look forward to working with Weinland Breisgau and hope that this will give us more scope for our tourist offers,” says Heike Dewaldt, Tourism Manager in Freiamt. Mayor Hannelore Reinbold-Mench adds: “We bring the Black Forest character to the Breisgau wine region and can use valuable synergies through the cooperation. This results in a win-win situation for both sides.”

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With the connection of Freiamt, the Breisgau wine region is now home to Mediterranean viticulture, but also to the quaint and eventful Black Forest.
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(Press information: Breisgauer Wein GmbH, 06/20/2022)

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