Freiburg: Drinking water scarcity and sustainable water management – 36th drinking water colloquium of the Badenova in the Europa Park Stadium in Freiburg

A current overview of the water situation in the region and the exchange between the participants were the focus of the 36th drinking water colloquium of the energy service provider Badenova in the Europa Park Stadium in Freiburg today. Questions such as: “Do we still have enough water?” or “How do we get it exactly where it is needed?” were just as much a focus as an appropriate response to extreme weather and the consequences of climate change. Using specific examples from the area of ​​responsibility of Badenova and the subsidiary BN-Netze, experts provided answers to these questions and provided impetus for exciting discussions. At the half-day event, water experts from authorities, associations and companies in the region exchanged ideas.

What is in store for the cities and municipalities in the region and what measures and projects does Badenova offer to counteract this?

Klaus Rhode from Badenova subsidiary BN-Netze answered this question.
Beforehand, Badenova board member Heinz-Werner Hölscher welcomed the plenary session with numerous mayors and water experts and once again recalled the guidelines of the supplier. “We want to act in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner without neglecting social aspects,” says Hölscher, who has shared responsibility in the management of Badenova since January 2021.

This also means creating an affordable livelihood for the citizens in the supply area with regard to energy and water supply.
Hölscher recalled the Badenova innovation fund, which promotes impulses in the field of future technologies with three percent of the income. Hölscher named the projects “Arable land as a CO2 storage facility” or “Water management in the Staufen Bay” as current funding projects.

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“The upcoming challenge can be compared to that of SC Freiburg. Both the sports club and we can only be successful as a team”, the board concluded his speech.

Klaus Rhode informed that water consumption has been steadily increasing in recent years. Consumption in 2021 increased by 11 percent compared to the previous year, and consumption in 2020 by as much as 15 percent. The spring water resources, on the other hand, have fallen by up to 50 percent.

Ebnet waterworks are rebuilt

The water supply is ensured by the waterworks in Hausen and Freiburg-Ebnet. Hausen takes on the brunt of this with around 45,000 cubic meters of water a day. At the moment there is no need to worry about sufficient supply, but it is advisable to set the course for the future now. For example, the Ebnet waterworks will be rebuilt to pump water more efficiently with modern technologies.

Another problem in the future will be that nitrates from fertilized soil will increasingly be washed into the groundwater. The lower the amount of precipitation, the more concentrated nitrate values ​​could be.
Intelligent solutions are also required for the future water supply at Schauinsland, in Horben and St. Ulrich. It depends on good municipal cooperation and good networking.

Other lectures were given by Dr. Martin Lindenlaub (Water and Soil Department[DistrictOfficeBreisgau-Hochschwarzwald)JoschaSchelhorn(GITHydroSConsultGmbHFreiburg)andPhillipGrimm(ManagingDirectorGrimmWaterSolutionsUG)Thetopics:”TheZartenBasinanaturalsystem””LowwaterstrategybetweentheRhineandFeldberg”and”Intelligentwastewatercontrolintheeventoflowwaterandheavyrain”[LandratsamtBreisgau-Hochschwarzwald)JoschaSchelhorn(GITHydroSConsultGmbHFreiburg)undPhillipGrimm(GeschäftsführerGrimmWaterSolutionsUG)DieThemen:„DasZartenerBeckeneinnatürlichesSystem“„NiedrigwasserstrategiezwischenRheinundFeldberg“und„IntelligenteAbwassersteuerungbeiNiedrigwasserundStarkregen“

After the lectures, the focus was on the exchange between the participants.

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