Freiburg: Ice hockey: EHC Freiburg loses at home to Landshut 2: 5 – After a good first third, the wolves lose the line and the game

After a strong first third and the interim lead, EV Landshut equalized 19 seconds before the end of the third. Jordan George, the current top scorer of the Wolves, put Freiburg in the 11th minute with a solid shot in the front. Until then, Landshut had the more compelling chances, but Patrik Červený was able to fend off all attacks by the Lower Bavaria by then. The Wolves could even have made it 2-0, but the precision of the shots was not the core competence of the Freiburgers tonight. When the hosts were already thinking about it, Landshut was able to equalize with Brandon Alderson 19 seconds before the end of the third. The 1: 1 was not undeserved at this point, but from Freiburg’s point of view it was completely unnecessary.

After the break, the wolves seemed unsettled by the late equalization of the guests. But it could also have been because the row composition made by coach Robert Hoffmann after the game in Crimmitschau had not yet reached the players. In any case, Freiburg had a hard time and even a four-minute excess did not bring any improvement. On the contrary. The EHC failed to establish itself in the opposing third of the defense. To make matters worse, a bad pass brought the guests into possession, and they countered routinely. Sahir Gill was able to achieve the 2: 1 from Landshut’s point of view in the 26th minute.

Now the wolves were totally out of the question. Passes did not arrive and most of the attack attempts ended at the opposing blue line. A mistake gave the guests the next big chance, which Yannik Valenti used ice cold to 3-1 for Landshut.
In the last section, the wolves managed to regain at least their optical superiority. But the shots on goal were too unplaced and easy prey for goalkeeper Pätzold in the guests’ box.

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Freiburg often brought the disc into the opposing zone, but got bogged down on the boards and in the corners. Again and again, the guests managed to get the puck out of the danger zone and to drive dangerous counterattacks themselves. The Landshut team made it 4-1 through Adrian Klein in the 45th minute and just four minutes later ex-Freiburg-born Andreé Hult prevailed and overcame the powerless Červený to the depressing 5-1.
You couldn’t accuse the wolves of giving up without a fight, but the efforts repeatedly fizzled out on the well-staggered defense of the guests.
In the last minute of the game, Marcel Kurth finally made it 2: 5. Jordan George played the decisive pass in front of the empty goal and Kurth only had to push in.

“We have to work through today’s mistakes and correct them by Sunday,” said Robert Hoffmann, analyzing the bankruptcy at home. Guest coach Leif Carlsson was of course satisfied with the performance of his team.
On Sunday the wolves will play away in Dresden, before the ESV Kaufbeuren im Breisgau will be a guest next Friday.

1:0 (10:52) Jordan George (Marcel Kurth)
1:1 (19:41) Brandon Alderson (Sahir Gill)
1: 2 (25:26) Sahir Gill (Thomas Holzmann, Benedikt Brückner) – SH1
1: 3 (35:59) Yannik Valenti (Marco Pfleger, Robin Weihager)
1: 4 (44:54) Adrian Klein (Davis Koch, Maximilian Forster)
1:5 (48:39) Andreé Hult (Marco Pfleger, Alexander Dersch)
2: 5 (59:22) Marcel Kurth (Jordan George, Alexander Brückmann)

Penalties / penalty minutes: Freiburg 4/16, Landshut 4/8
Outnumbered efficiency: Freiburg 0-3, Landshut 0-2
Shots: Freiburg 28 (7/10/11), Landshut 34 (16/10/8)
Referees: Patrick Altmann, Ruben Kapzan / Denis Menz, Alexander Pletzer
Spectators: 1,525

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