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Freiburg is the patron of hearts | TIME ONLINE

Maybe, dear TIME ONLINE users, you would have been more reluctant if you were aware of the SC's graduation schedules Freiburg heard. After the last season game of the SC, which will also play in the upcoming league in the Bundesliga, the footballers announced that they are now leaving for Mallorca, and it is to be feared that they rather not because of the Moorish architecture to head for the island. But the kickers from the Black Forest need no noble motives. You, dear users, you love SC Freiburg anyway.

At least it's the result of our cardio rating. Since last season you can distribute your sympathies to the teams before the Bundesliga games by giving them a heart. This season you distributed 1,238,852 hearts, which is about a hundred thousand fewer than the previous year. A gimmick, of course, but one with once again interesting findings.

Most of the little hearts dusted off BVB this season, who were on the verge of ending the Bavarian championship series in the Bundesliga. Last year SC Freiburg had won. By far the least hearts could collect the VfL Wolfsburg. As in the previous year.

In another table but leads the SC Freiburg. If you look at the Bundesliga games and let each win the sweetie winner the game, which then gets three points, you get the German Herzchenmeister: the SC Freiburg. He was able to win 33 games, 99 points. Only the direct duel against BVB was lost.

Bremen and Gladbach behind are also old acquaintances in the leading group. New is Frankfurt. The joy of European unity and strong performances in the league are also rewarded by the ZEIT-ONLINE audience. This is another insight from the table: We do not want to claim that you are fashion fans, but you are already keen on trends. If a team plays football like Eintracht, which can be agreed on across colors, you can reward it with their hearts.

Not so good ended our survey once again for Bayern. He won none of the 34 duels, always gave the opponent more hearts. Last year, Bayern was only thirteenth in the final table, now they are penultimate.

The Wolfsburg effect

Only one club is still unpopular with the ZEIT-ONLINE readership: VfL Wolfsburg. This also changed the surprisingly strong season of the VW team nothing. He was in the overall standings last, but won, in contrast to the Bayern, after all, two direct duels. Against, you guessed it, the Bayern.

Wolfsburg did so badly last year that we observed a Wolfsburg effect. It is the opposite of a defeat device: who played against the VfL received more affection. We saw that again this year. Whenever it went against VfL, teams won an above-average number of hearts, even if the effect was smaller than last year.

New is the Freiburg effect: All teams lose heart when it comes to Freiburg. Freiburg gets them all small. Somewhat weakened, this effect can also be observed at Werder Bremen and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Still a few record numbers: Most of the hearts in a duel were in Leipzig against Nuremberg (5,150: 3,892). Behind them followed Bayern against Frankfurt, which was also the match with the biggest difference between the two teams (1.578: 7.237) and Dortmund against Bayern (6.421: 1.670).

The fewest hearts

And you did the almost impossible twice this season: Two games ended in a draw. Hoffenheim and Leverkusen each received 992 hearts, Stuttgart and Hertha BSC in their game each 2,059. But maybe the real news is that there were hearts for this game.

The slightest affection received another game under Nuremberg involvement: the Tuesday evening before the Christmas holidays at 18.30 clock against Gladbach. 1,269 hearts were distributed to two teams. Sorry, but we understand that. On cold days of December you have already drunk the third mulled wine at 18 clock, the heart is then already on the tongue. But it also shows quite well how much excitement will spark the next World Cup in Qatar, which is played exactly at that time and year.

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