Freiburg: Labor market in June – Significantly more unemployed – 12,867 men and women in the agency district without work – Unemployment rate at 3.4 percent (+0.2 points)

The number of unemployed in the district of the Freiburg Employment Agency increased noticeably in June. On the reporting date, a total of 12,867 women and men were unemployed in the city of Freiburg and the districts of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and Emmendingen. That is 692 people more than a month earlier. The unemployment rate rose by 0.2 points to 3.4 percent. For women and men under the age of 25, it is 2.1 percent. For a month of June, the increase has been exceptional.

“The labor market is still very stable. The current increase doesn’t change that,” says Andreas Finke, CEO of the Freiburg Employment Agency. During the reporting period, refugees from Ukraine switched from the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act to basic security. Accordingly, the number of unemployed with Ukrainian passports rose from 172 in May to 910 in June.

Without this special statistical effect, their number would have fallen by 46 people. “The job centers have done a great job in cooperation with the municipalities and ensured a smooth transition. I’m happy about that. The colleagues there are well prepared and prepared for the new challenge.
In addition, the labor market is still receptive,” says Finke optimistically.

Nevertheless, the integration of Ukrainians into the labor market is not a sure-fire success. For some, it will be a long and arduous journey if, for example, childcare has not yet been clarified, the language is not yet sufficient or school and professional qualifications have yet to be recognized.

Companies are very willing to give refugees from Ukraine a chance. “But it is also clear that it has to fit. In many cases this is not yet the case,” says Finke.

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Against the background of imminent shortages of skilled workers, he is campaigning in companies not to let up in their commitment to the topics of training and qualification.

Dynamics in the labor market
In the reporting period, 3,558 people registered as unemployed. In the same period, 2,857 people ended their unemployment.

structure of the unemployed
With the exception of the group of foreigners, the number of unemployed within a year has fallen in all target groups. According to legal groups, the following picture emerges: SGB III: 5,164 unemployed (40.1 percent share), SGB II: 7,703 unemployed (59.9 percent share).

labor demand
The demand for labor remains at a high level. The companies reported 1,206 job vacancies. That is 101 or 7.7 percent less than a year ago. Top needs by industry: Business-related services (203 jobs, including 157 temporary jobs), health and social work (169), manufacturing (157), public administration (140), trade (123), freelance, scientific and technical services (131). Hospitality (84). In mid-June, the Freiburg employment agency had received 6,395 jobs (82.5 percent for skilled workers, experts and specialists, 17.5 percent for helpers). This is again a record value.

(Info: Federal Employment Agency, Freiburg Employment Agency)

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