[French Badminton]Ansailong retires with injuries and returns from the race next month in Bali

Badminton, French Open, Denmark, Ansailong, Xu Yuxi

[Title Road News]2020 Tokyo Olympic Badminton Men’s Singles Gold Medal Winner, Denmark’s Viktor Axelsen (Viktor Axelsen) played against South Korean player Xu Yoon-hee’s men’s singles first lap at the French Badminton Open on Wednesday (27th) night. If one point is scored, he will withdraw from the game. After the game, he wrote an article on his personal social media to explain the decision, and said that he would return to the game in Bali, Indonesia in the middle of next month.

Last week, Axelson took advantage of the home court to win the men’s singles final of the Danish Badminton Open with a 2:1 victory over the world’s “one brother” Kento Momota from Japan, and ended a 12-game losing streak with Kento Momota. Record. The world’s No. 2 player played in the men’s singles first lap of the French badminton tournament on Wednesday night against South Korean player Xu Yoon Hee. After the warm-up, Ansailong suddenly asked to retire at the beginning of the game. At that time, the two sides only scored 1 point in the first game, and Ansailong led 1:0.

Ansai Long wrote an article to explain his decision after the match. He said that since the final of the Danish Badminton Championship last Sunday (24th), he has been trying to deal with some minor injuries that have caused him a lot of pain in recent days. Ansailong discussed with the team before the match and decided to give it a try before the final warm-up before the match, but he immediately found that he was not ready for the French badminton match this week, so he had no choice but to score 1 point in the event. Under the circumstances, the decision to withdraw from the game is made.

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羽毛球, 法國公開賽, 丹麥, 安賽龍, 許侊熙

Badminton, French Open, Denmark, Ansailong, Xu Yuxi

Ansailong wrote in the article: “I am really disappointed because I have been looking forward to playing in front of enthusiastic French fans, but the schedule is so frequent that there is really no other choice but to follow my body to make decisions. Now I I will work hard to recover and look forward to participating in the next event in Bali, Indonesia.”

According to the schedule of the Badminton World Federation (BWF), after the French Badminton Championships, the HYLO Open will be held in Germany at the beginning of next month, and then from the middle of next month until the beginning of December, 3 events will be held in Bali, Indonesia, including In mid-November, it belongs to the Indonesian Masters of the World Tour Super 750-point event, in late November the Indonesian Open is a World Tour Super 1000-point event, and the World Tour Finals in early December.

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