[French Badminton]Li Zhuoyao’s performance is inaccurate and loses to the top 8 of Japanese golfers and stops

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[Sports Road News]Hong Kong badminton representative Li Zhuoyao, who has been brave recently, is on his way to the World Badminton Tour Super 750 event-French Open men’s singles semi-finals on Friday (29th). Hong Kong will eventually lose two straight games. 16:21, 9:21 lost to Japanese golfer Tsukayama Kota, failing to reach the top 4 in two consecutive tournaments.

The 25-year-old Lee Cheuk Yew made his way to the top 4 in the Danish Open last week and rose to a career-high 14 in the world ranking. He faces yesterday (28th) to eliminate another Hong Kong general, Ng Ka Long, and the world rankings. Japanese golfer Tsuneyama Kota, who is one place higher than himself. The two sides have only met once before, and Li Zhuoyao was eliminated after winning a game first in the 2018 Thailand Open.

Nearly three years later, the two Hong Kong and Japanese golfers faced off again. Li Zhuoyao, who had a 7-3 lead in the early stages, suffered a 3:10 offensive under Chang Shan Gantai and was 10:13 behind. Although Li Zhuoyao had a tie at 13:13, Hong Kong will lose 3 points in a row when falling behind 16:18 and lose one game at 16:21.

(Picture: Tilu Database)

(Picture: Tilu Database)

In the second game, Changshan Gantaifu grabbed the lead of 3:0 and 7:3 from the start. During the break, Chang Shan Gantai further expanded its advantage to 11:7, and then continued to dominate the situation. Chang Shan Gantai, who scored 8 points in the middle and late stages, obviously completely suppressed Li Zhuoyao. In the end, Hong Kong will lose another 9:21 In the round, Chang Shan Gantai failed to win the two battles in his career.

After Li Zhuoyao lost, the Hong Kong team only had Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue who reached the semi-finals in the mixed doubles in the French badminton competition. The two will fight Denmark’s Mathias Christiansen/Alexandra Bøje in the semi-finals on Saturday (30th). The third pair of Danish combination they have encountered in 4 games in this event. Let’s see if “Deng Xie Pei”, who has written the best result ever in the competition of the same level, can advance to the next level and reach the final on Sunday (31st). Impact this year’s first championship.

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