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Home Sport French basketball player Edwin Jackson denounces racist cries during match in Serbia

French basketball player Edwin Jackson denounces racist cries during match in Serbia

The French international back of Buducnost Podgorica said he suffered monkey shouts from Red Star supporters in an Adriatic League match in Serbia

The World with AFP Posted today at 15h39, updated at 16h58

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The French international back of Buducnost Podgorica, Edwin Jackson, said on his Instagram account was the target Monday monkeys shouted by the supporters of the Red Star of Belgrade, during a match Adriatic League in Serbia.

To be done "Spitting in the face by supporters on the floor" and treat "Monkey during the match will always be unacceptable", wrote the former ASVEL player, 29, who has been living in Montenegro since June 2018. He also complained about throwing firecrackers and chairs. In an email to AFP, Etoile Rouge has denied any racist insult, denouncing "The untruths of Ewin Jackson", and notes that many black players wear his colors. "How (racist insults) would be possible? "wonders the Belgrade club.

A spectator who requested anonymity, however, confirmed to AFP to have heard cries of monkey in the room Pionir Belgrade. Last match of the final of the Adriatic League, finally won by the Red Star after his victory on Monday, the meeting had started late due to incidents. They started during the warm-up, with an invasion of the field by supporters of the Serbian club forcing visitors to take refuge in their locker room.

An extremely tense atmosphere

In a statement, the Buducnost denounced «An attack against (his) players and the coach who lived a horror, a lynching and physical violence». The Montenegrin club does not mention racist facts. On its website, the Adriatic League (ABA) does not mention incidents, including in its report of the match. The Montenegrin and Serb presses do not evoke facts of a racist nature.

An ABA delegate was present at the match and will write "A report containing everything that happened during the match"ABR league director Kresimir Novosel told AFP on the phone. He announced " Sanctions " in case of mention of incidents, specifying that it would probably be the case of fines. He did not give details of what had happened.

Nationalists, the ultra supporters of the Red Star are regularly accused of racist slippage. The meetings of this final series between Etoile Rouge and Buducnost, the outgoing champion, were all held in an extremely tense atmosphere, with incidents also in Montenegro, that the Red Star recalled in its statement.

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