French burgundy running shoe for women Transition MIF 1

How do I choose the size of my Transition women’s running shoes?

In order to determine with certainty the correct size for your feet, we strongly recommend that you download our printable pedometer.

Here are the steps to define your height using our foot scale:

Step 1

Cut out or fold over the part indicated on the foot-meter sheet.

Step 2

Place the pedometer on level ground, taking care to place the heel dots against a wall.

Step 3

Standing, glue your heel to the dotted lines of the pedometer.

Step 4

Foot flat, measure the length of your foot by drawing a line at the tip of the longest toe.

Step 4

Then enter the measurement in the size table.

As the foot tends to swell during exercise, consider adding a half size or even a size to your usual size.

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