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French city forbids swimming over the playful dolphin named Zafar

Beware, swimmer: There are problems in the waters off Landevennec, France.

But it's not a shark or a flock of jellyfish – it's a playful dolphin named Zafar, the BBC reported.

The dolphin has been terrifying swimmers in the beaches of the Breton city, coming a little too close for comfort and prompting the mayor of the city to ban swimming every time the lovesick dolphin is confirmed in the area, according to the site ,

"Swimming and diving are prohibited on the coastline of the village … whenever the presence of the dolphin is confirmed," says The Telegraph. "It is also forbidden to approach the dolphin within 50 meters."

Mayor Roger Lars told the French newspaper Ouest France that he had adopted the measure "to protect people's safety". He said that people were afraid and that the dolphin "swimmer with his nose last Thursday".

The ban has been in force since 20 August, Agence France-Presse reported.

The French newspaper Le Telegramme wrote that Zafar, after he had begun to seek sex, did not seem to be dangerous, but had a "tendency to rub against all the swimmers, boats and swimmers".

The newspaper cited an incident in which a surprised kayaker complained when suddenly surprised by the sexually frustrated dolphin who was "anxious" to interact with the boat and the man.

The Oceanopolis aquarium explained to Le Parisien that swimmers should "never get too close to a marine mammal at full sexual maturity" and that a fist strike could be dangerous.

Dolphins, who are so intelligent in some countries, have classified them as nonhuman individuals, are one of the few animals that is believed to have sex for pleasure. According to a study published in a Marine Mammals textbook, at least 13 dolphins have shown "sexual behavior towards humans."

But a man is not happy with the mayor's ban and told The Telegraph he plans to challenge it.

"The mayor wants dolphins to look like almost wild beasts, totally unpredictable and likely to drown people," said Erwan Le Cornec in a statement, the newspaper said. "If you were to apply these rules down the line when a pedestrian approaches a dog, even if it is kept on a leash, all mayors in … France should pass statutes banning pedestrians in the city."


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