French mayor banned from entering Israel


The communist mayor was turned back at the border because of his support for the boycott of the country.
The communist mayor of Gennevilliers, near Paris was seen prohibit Monday, April 16th entry into Israel because of its support for the boycott of this country, announced the Israeli government.
Pushed back to the border between Jordan and the Israeli-occupied West Bank the mayor, Patrice Leclerc, reacted by denouncing a “Humiliation” and “Intolerable arbitrariness” according to him by the Hebrew State “Those who act for the right of Palestinians to dispose of a free and independent State ” . “It was decided not to allow him to return in Israel » because “It’s about someone who supports the BDS” , the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Against Israel Movement, announced the Israeli ministries of interior and strategic affairs in a statement.
In March 2017, the Israeli parliament passed a law banning the entry into Israel of supporters of the BDS movement. “We do not allow those who act against Israel to enter the country to deliver to provocations » said Interior Minister Arieh Deri.
Targeted officials
The Minister of Strategic Affairs and Homeland Security, Gilad Erdan, stressed that the ban on entry into Israel was even more severely enforced for boycott supporters who “Perform official duties” .
In a statement released on the night of Monday to Tuesday, Mr. Leclerc confirmed his ” being seen notify by Israel its impediment to go to Jerusalem » after “Six hours of detention and six (hours) of interrogation” . “The reasons given” for to justify this refusal “Are the knowledge of Palestinians, support for political prisoners” , he says. “The Embassy of la France in Israel and the consulate in Jerusalem intervened in (my) favor ” but “The State of Israel has maintained its refusal and (m) has expelled” . “This situation marks a stiffening of the position of the State of Israel towards those who act for the right of the Palestinians to have a free and independent State. This arbitrary situation is intolerable ” , he denounced.
“France, and especially President Macron, must refuse this constant humiliation towards French citizens banned from entering Palestine. Faced with Israel’s refusal to respect the various UN resolutions, France must recognize officially the state of Palestine ” he concluded.
Pressure on Israel
The global non-governmental BDS campaign make pressure on Israel for to put in particular, an end to the occupation of the Palestinian Territories, considered illegal by the international community. This movement is inspired by the struggle against the apartheid regime in South Africa .
The Israeli government fights fiercely against anything that looks like a boycott, which it equates to a strategic threat and denounces as a challenge to the legitimacy of the State of Israel.
Last January, he published a list of about twenty organizations whose members are banned from entering Israel, including eleven European, such as BDS France, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign or the France-Palestine Solidarity Association.
BDS periodically boasted symbolic successes such as the refusal of some artists to produce in Israel which has a huge impact in the media , but Israeli employers minimize the real economic impact of these calls for boycotts.


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