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French media: Paris wants to introduce Lewandowski partner Mbappe Messi Neymar as a substitute

On June 12, Beijing time, according to the French “L’Equipe”, Paris director Campos intends to introduce Lewandowski for the team to improve the team’s Mbappe dependence.

L’Equipe revealed that Paris also wants to introduce a striker, and the most eye-catching one is Lewandowski. Campos believes that Lewandowski can bring a new boost to Paris. In addition to his outstanding personal data, Lewandowski can also take Paris’ frontcourt strength to a higher level. Lewandowski, who has almost scored 50 goals in the past three seasons, will be able to share the scoring pressure for Mbappe.

Paris has frequently inquired about Lewandowski over the past few years, but Bayern are reluctant to start negotiations. Now the situation is different. Lewandowski, who has only one year left on his contract, has publicly stated that he wants to leave the team. L’Equipe also believes that after Lewandowski joins, Mbappe’s main role is still unshakable, while one of Messi and Neymar will become a substitute. And according to last season’s performance, Neymar’s situation is even worse.

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