Friborg is the last Swiss team to fail

Marchon and Co. too often got stuck with Munich’s keeper from the birch trees.picture:

The winner of the Champions Hockey League 2022 does not come from Switzerland. With Friborg-Gottéron, the last remaining representative was eliminated in the round of 16. Conqueror Red Bull Munich now has to deal with an opponent who was given the opportunity to advance at the green table.

24.11.2021, 20:1824.11.2021, 22:13

Friborg-Gottéron traveled to Munich for the second leg with the mortgage of a 2-4 home defeat. Against EHC Red Bull, the National League club took a 2-0 lead as requested, but they didn’t have the time. After a 2-3 defeat, Gottéron was eliminated.

The two goalkeepers did not allow a goal for two thirds of the time – and then three goals were scored within 2:35 minutes after the start of the final section. Friborg put forward with a double strike, Chris DiDomenico with a deflector and Samuel Walser with a precise shot over the shoulder of Munich’s goalie Danny from the Birken scored within 62 seconds to make the guests 2-0. Friborg had thus compensated for the 2-4 home defeat.

In front of 986 spectators in the Olympic ice rink, Trevor Parkes scored the connection goal for Bayern only a little later. And when Zachary Redmond made it 2-2 seven minutes before the end, the starting position for Friborg was the same as at the beginning: It had to score two more goals to force extra time. Just that time was running out for it. Munich’s winning goal to make it 3-2 fell into the empty goal twelve seconds before the final siren.

One evening after the ZSC Lions, the last remaining Swiss representative was eliminated. The Zurich had failed because of the Swedish representative Rögle.

“Moral slap in the face” for Bolzano

Instead of Friborg-Gottéron, EHC Red Bull Munich will face Lukko Rauma in the quarter-finals. The Finns advanced to the next round without playing. The Finns’ second leg against HC Bozen, scheduled for tonight, was canceled by the Finnish authorities after several Lukko team members tested positive for Covid-19. The Finns won the first leg 3-1, the Champions Hockey League decided that only this result would now be included in the rating. The reason given is the tightly packed game calendar, which does not allow postponement.

The South Tyroleans, cheated for their chance, speak in a statement of “great frustration and disappointment”. Your team traveled regularly to Rauma and was unable to play the second leg for reasons beyond their control. “We perceive this incomprehensible decision as a moral slap in the face for our club, which has always honored the Champions Hockey League so far, as well as our fans, especially those who made the trip to Rauma to support the team.” , writes Bozen further.

The quarter-finals will take place on 7./8. and on December 14th. The semi-finals are due at the beginning of January, the final of the Champions League Hockey will take place on March 1, 2022. (ram)

RB Munich – Friborg-Gottéron 3: 2 (0: 0, 0: 0, 3: 2)
986 spectators. – SR Zrnic / Ofner (SLO / AUT).
Tore: 42nd DiDomenico (Schmid, Furrer) 0: 1. 43.Walser (Brodin) 0-2. 44 Parkes (Street) 1-2. 53. Redmond (Ehliz, Hager) 2: 2. 60. (59:48) Gogulla (Schütz) 3: 2 (into the empty goal).
Punish: 3 times 2 minutes against Munich, 4 times 2 minutes against Friborg.
Friborg-Gottéron: Berra; Gunderson, Chavaillaz; Diaz, Jecker; Sutter, Furrer; Kamerzin; Brodin, Schmid, DiDomenico; Rossi, Walser, Jörg; Marchon, Desharnais, Mottet; Jobin.
Remarks: Friborg without Bougro, Bykow, Dufner and Sprunger (all injured). Timeout Friborg (59th). Friborg 56:15 – 56:39 and 57:39 – 59:48 without goalkeepers. (sda)

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