Friday the 13th: do we really have a better chance of winning the Loto or the Euromillions?

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The Euromillions and the Loto bring large sums of money into play this Friday, May 13. This date attracts more players every year. Are we really more likely to hit the jackpot?

Friday the 13th. A date that attracts or repels. Whatever your opinion, you will only be able to enjoy (or suffer) from one Friday the 13th since this Friday May 13 is the only one of the year 2022. The next one is scheduled for January 2023.

This symbolic date is an opportunity for the Française des Jeux, the PMU and the casinos to attract more players. He says that this influx of one-day customers makes it possible to offer larger jackpots. Thus, 13 million euros are up for grabs in the Loto draw this Friday. Fifty people drawn will be able to pocket 20,000 euros each thanks to the Super Loto. On the side of the Euromillions, on the other hand, the kitty returns to its basic level. 17 million euros are to be shared between the winners of the first row. My Million will also allow a player to pocket 1 million euros. In addition, the FDJ sells the scratch ticket “Chance en or” sold only on Friday the 13th. It offers a chance of 3.14 to win a prize.

So are we really more likely to hit the jackpot on Friday the 13th? At the risk of disappointing you, there is none. By the FDJ’s own admission, there is a one in 19 million chance of winning the Loto jackpot and a one in six chance of winning a prize. In the Euromillions, players have a one in 139 million chance of becoming ultra-rich. They have a one in 13 chance of winning a prize.

A third of French people are superstitious

On Friday the 13th, the FDJ carried out a study on superstition. It shows that 34% of the general public consider themselves superstitious. They are 51% among those under 35 years old. Other data: 32% of respondents avoid going under a ladder, 23% believe in the luck symbol of “knock on wood” and 19% in the supposed effects of a four-leaf clover. One in five French people consider Friday the 13th a lucky day.

What numbers come out most often?

The independent site Loterie Plus has published a dashboard of Euromillions number statistics. The most drawn numbers are 1, 39, 42, 43 and 45. The least drawn numbers are 10, 11, 21, 22 and 24). For stars, the most frequent numbers are 2, 6 and 3. The least frequent are 4, 5 and 9.

The cheapest plane on Friday the 13th

You may not know it, but Friday the 13th is one of the days when plane tickets are the most affordable. Price comparator found that the flights cost around 108 euros less (33% off) compared to the average price of all other Friday flights in 2022. The site relied on flight searches performed in the last 67 days on its engine for travel dates between January 1 and December 31, 2022.

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