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Fridays for Future attacked by Minister Cingolani (and the government): “Disappointment, he’s a scientist who protects the interests of industry”

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The floods that shocked Germany, Belgium, Netherlands e Luxembourg are just the latest example, yet another alarm launched by nature on the risks associated withclimate emergency. A situation that politics, strangled between the need for a real green transition also hoped for by European institutions and the economic (and therefore political) interests at stake, cannot cope, unable to implement the solutions that science has already put in place. available. “We still need to see these things to understand that certain events will be increasingly frequent and unpredictable – he says Ilfattoquotidiano.it Martina Comparelli, spokesperson for the movement Fridays for Future Italia – It seems that politicians just don’t understand. Instead they understand very well, even those of our government, but they are too tied to interests that fight against a real and possible ecological transition ”.

In these moments the eyes of the world are on what happened after the floods in Northern Europe. The victims, the damage, but often remaining in the dust, in the long run, are the causes. Does it risk being just one of the many alarm bells that ended up in oblivion?
One would say yes, no later than a year ago we experienced the floods in Palermo, in our home. And what happened this year? Was there perhaps a push towards a true and convinced ecological transition in our country? We continue to talk about hydrogen, gas, intensive agriculture, land consumption: none of this has to do with renewable energies. We as activists would not even need to shout or say anything, it is nature itself that is telling us: “There is no longer a safe place in the world, not even those where the rich live”.

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What is most striking, in addition to the destructive power, is that such an event took place in a country, Germany, considered to be at the forefront of landscape maintenance.
In these hours we have been in contact with German and Belgian activists. The German myth of landscape protection must also be re-dimensioned, because they themselves spoke to me of poor maintenance and levees left to their fate, for example. Having said that, one thing is the protection of the landscape, which must be there to limit events such as the one that happened in recent days, but another is the control of emissions. If you protect your landscape but don’t limit emissions, the consequences are inevitable. And Germany, like many other countries, is not doing this.

Despite this, in the institutions, both at national and European level, there are those who still try to put a stop to the ecological transition. How are you as a movement going to act?
Continuing with what we have done to date: making as much noise as possible. It will be an autumn full of global strikes. Then there will be Cop in Europe and we have to make ourselves heard. But the goal is not to make a mess, but above all to sensitize those who are not in the square: those are votes that can be taken away from politicians who are not interested in the environment.

When he took office, our government called itself “environmentalist”. Are you in agreement five months after taking office?
When I heard those words uttered by the Prime Minister I was skeptical but hopeful. Today I am left with only skepticism. Too little money has been invested in green infrastructure, we have heard Minister Cingolani even speak of a “bloodbath” in reference to the ecological transition, a plan that he, as leader of the homonymous ministry, should instead push. Unlike what these people want us to believe, the solutions exist and they are also simple, but we complicate them perhaps with the intention of maintaining the status quo. There is talk of still experimental technologies, which do not exist, such as nuclear fusion, while the solutions we already have at home and are renewables.

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Speaking of Minister Cingolani, he was one of the government exponents who most of all spoke out to put the stakes in the ecological transition, even disputing some indications of the EU. It has done so on single-use plastics and, more recently, on the electric conversion of super sports cars. Do you consider him suitable for the role he holds?
There is so much disappointment. When he was appointed minister we saw a scientist and we were hopeful. Finally a scientific approach to the theme of the environment. But we soon realized that it doesn’t matter to be a scientist if you then work for interests other than those of science. It protects the interests of the industry, it does not push for a real and radical transition by hiding behind the threats to the workers of the companies that should be reconverted.

Work is often the bugbear agitated to justify the lack of reforms. Even the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, said that the ecological transition must not be a “shock” for the economic system.
Workers must not be terrified of possible job loss, but involved in the transition process and reassured. It is the company itself or the state that decides whether to leave everyone at home or involve the workers, not the transition itself. On this point we always try to emphasize, people must understand that their enemy is not the environment or environmental policies, but those who decide to oppose work to these, a blackmail to maintain the status quo.

As a movement, who would you like as a minister of a true ecological transition?
We do not mention names so as not to give rise to political speculation. Personally I am thinking of a scientist, a climatologist, a personality who knows well the causes and dangers of climate change. Science must be present. So a scientist in the service of science, not political and economic interests.

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